PRESS CONFERENCE | Eddie Howe pre-Brentford (H)

Eddie Howe speaks to the media ahead of Saturday’s visit of Brentford to St. James’ Park.

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20 comentarios en “PRESS CONFERENCE | Eddie Howe pre-Brentford (H)

  1. Stee 74

    Pleased he talked about being loyal to players that expect to start if there not performing because some of them need a kick up the butt.

  2. Damien Reilly

    Thank god they've finally fixed the audio. It was annoying me watching Eddie stare at nothing and then me having to guess what the hell the journalist actually said 😂

  3. George Morley

    Drop Almiron, get Wilson starting. Save Isak, start Murphy on right or switch Gordon there and put Barnes and Hall down the left.

  4. tim gill

    We have to go for the jugular against Brentford, high press, intensity and smart defending. This game could define our season, we finished fourth by beating the teams that we should be beating, Brentford are such a team. If we don't win convincingly it sets us up badly for Milan and the next PL fixtures.

  5. Dan Willan-Vasey

    Hope botman is back! He goes under the radar a little bit with the likes of isak, Bruno etc…… but he is our most important player imo. He is top top drawer

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  7. Vinchenzo C

    I wonder if Iasak and Wilson will start, or will he keep safe for AC Milan.. Ah I'll just say that again… AC Milan Yiikes! 😅

  8. Matt Price

    Finally admitted certain players weren’t as fit as they hoped before the last few matches and energy is key. Willock got a mention also because he was so good last season with joe. Sven might play might not Eddie won’t give anything away, maybe cos he doesn’t know. He’s calm here, handles the media so well. He just wants to take one game at a time. The whole media in that room need sacking or to leave the room. Just stupid annoying questions, again and again. Then they do same after match then same next week. Eddie looks well tired of it.

  9. happinesstan

    From what we've seen so far, we have close the gap on Liverpool and Man City, slightly. We've improved, slightly on Villa. And Brighton have closed the gap on ourselves. It sets us up for a challenging season.

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