Alan Pardew STUNNED: Is Eddie Howe's Job at Newcastle United Under Threat?! 🤯🔥

Is Eddie Howe’s job at Newcastle United under threat? talkSPORT’s Alan Brazil, Gabby Agbonlahor and Alan Pardew discuss.

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41 comentarios en “Alan Pardew STUNNED: Is Eddie Howe's Job at Newcastle United Under Threat?! 🤯🔥

  1. Mater Lacrymarum

    I have no idea of the truth of this – but if anyone thinks Eddie Howe will be at Newcastle within the next few years is dreaming. They will eventually go for the big names, like all the rich clubs do.

  2. RNE NE Corner Mag

    3rd Talksport video regarding Eddie Howe being under pressure. The only people talking about Eddie being under pressure is Talksport! They’re even saying it’s ridiculous but it’s them who are bleating on about it 😂. Make it make sense 🤦‍♂️🤣

  3. Munyar Rhazy

    Newcastle will take Pardew back in a heartbeat……he got them top 4 without any backing from Ashley….he worked miracles at the club

  4. Jason Hutchinson

    Beautiful football. Great acquisitions. Phenomenal team and fan spirit. Howe is pretty much part of the northern bedrock at this point, and quite rightly so. This is a none story created to sell papers and clicks over the break. And yet, here I am watching this shite.

  5. Simon Farrimond

    It was just some nonse journalist who asked the question to the chairman if eddie was under pressure for the start of the season so the chairman responded by saying he has our backing simple… story over nothing

  6. ontheslide

    eddie howe is going nowhere..
    there would be a riot at newcastle if the owners sacked him..
    pep's position isn't as secure as eddie's…

  7. JRASH

    I guarantee this is click bait but if those "Pissed up Jocks" lose a few games in the next 5, they'll be looking if they're not already. YNWA!!

  8. John Silver

    Just watch Eddie's presser. Does it look like to you a man under pressure? It is all calm on the Tyne. Just media fabricating stories again. Sad cooking up gossip to make a living!

  9. Sean Kinsella

    Is this remotely surprising? Even if they finish top 4 again they’ll still probably replace him next summer. These Saudis want a big name manager, they’ll get rid of Howe first chance they get and replace him with some old footballing fossil like mourinho because he’s well known.

  10. Dan Willan-Vasey

    If there is pressure on Eddie it comes solely from the media looking for a story. The people that matter ie.. the club & fanbase are 100% behind Eddie. It is a none story! UTM

  11. Zach Me

    Absolutely!! He was like Mark Hughes at Citeh before they brought in Mancini. Howe just hold the Newcastle fort temporary. He's just your average rubbish manager… 😂😂

  12. Gary Wallace

    Newcastle fans have faith in Eddie. However, football nowadays is all about the dosh. Results=Dosh. Owners have no time for sentiment. Time=losing Dosh.

  13. Max Posener

    This is utterly ludicrous. I have seen ONE Newcastle fan (who is a fool) call fior Eddie's head. Apart from that the entire fanbase is entirely behind Eddie. This 'pressure' has been bought on by the media and the media alone, There is a difference between criticising tactics or team selection in a game and wanting a manager sacked. WE ARE BEHIND EDDIE 100 PERCENT!!

  14. Matt Price

    Some Newcastle fans brought this on cause they can’t take losing. Dented their pride. Utter madness. On any post about Newcastle at least 1/4 of the comments say Eddie Howe out in some way. Disgusting. Absolutely.

  15. Mankysausage

    Not a single person associated with Newcastle in any way thinks he under threat. All this talk is from idiots trying to stir the pot

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