INTERVIEW | Dan Burn Previews Brentford Visit

Dan Burn looks ahead to Saturday’s visit of Brentford to St. James’ Park as the Magpies get back to action following the international break.

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27 comentarios en “INTERVIEW | Dan Burn Previews Brentford Visit

  1. Geordiedog

    Dan Burn has ‘Secret Sauce’. He has the thing that sports scientist have been trying to recreate and it’s probably the Holy Grail of sports science. But he also has that conduit between the energy of the fans – which in our case is immense – and you’d not be worth your salt as a boss if you didn’t try to use that.

  2. brian upton

    Maybe the wearing of the horrible green shirt was to blame. I’m totally against it myself, not because it is to do with the Saudi owners but the fact that it is just horrible and alien to my eyes, dump it now please as it’s just not United and I personally hate imitation green.

  3. Lewis S

    We need a better defence…. Dan has trained as left back then moved from pillar to post but it's nice to rely on Dan. We need to get a solid back 4 and Dan is integral…. acknowledged it will be a good while before we come into fruit with the youth, and we've overachieved but howere lads we've added to a 4th placed squad. Burn is a beast and I love Him

  4. Geordie Dee

    Love big Dan me like, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again they should make a film about his career.. lad from Blyth starting out at Blyth then Darlington working his way through the leagues to then get his dream move to his boyhood club and helps them get into the champions league for the first time in 20 years, incredible story! He is literally living the Geordie dream👏

  5. Tiger Studios

    Our fans all say drop burn not good enough then when he does an interview oh love this guy he’s from blyth bullshit. Our fans are annoying at times

  6. Kostas Anto

    I m a bit sick of hearing that they've played well against Liverpool. Stop saying that. You played badly. Get over it and try catching up with them.

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