Unfortunately some Newcastle fans were attacked after the Champions League party last night in Milan #nufc #newcastle #milan

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34 comentarios en “Newcastle United fan ATTACKED LAST NIGHT in Milan as ITALY INVASION BEGINS…

  1. nettles channel

    Play it safe and Take a dive out the Cup, 58 years without a Cup but at least you can concentrate on staying in the League. Watford and Oxford in the FA Cup were recent correct decisions so why break tradition.

  2. Mr. Vancouver

    Good luck today lads and hopefully we'll see you all at beautiful downtown Bramall lane on Sunday C'MON YOU BLADES 👏💪👏

  3. Pamela Hall

    Hi Adam ….it really worries me our fans getting stabbed ….I really hope the lad is ok ?…keep safe lads and lasses …Lovely video honey X⚫️⚪️⚫️

  4. Jimmyc Burfield

    In the Middle Ages people went on pilgrimage to enjoy good times, camaraderie and fun.

    Football is the new pilgrimage. I honestly think the Toon army and the Geordi nation can be rightly proud of the incredible support.

  5. Marty Thefirst

    At least the toon lads turned up via plane. Some amount of African fans taking digny to Italy last cpla days. They playing champs league?

  6. Peter nufc

    Hope the guy makes a full recovery. Hope we don’t go daft when they come here and same thing happens. It’s a disgrace someone getting stabbed . All the best Newcastle I think we win this like so excited

  7. Graham A

    I only ever bother watching the Arsenal games, either PL, Europa or CL, never anyone else, except perhaps highlights , especially when Sp*rs lose. But tonight I will be streaming your game, shouting for Newcastle, so good luck lads.

  8. David Gaines

    Ev fan here enjoy your special time in Europe you have earned that right to be there hope you win and do well in the champions league

  9. King of the North

    Liverpool fan here, good luck to the Geordies tonight, hope you smash Milan. Sad to hear about one of your lads getting stabbed already, depressing but not surprising. Italian ultras are little bastards, stay safe!

  10. Giorgio

    Non sono tifosi del milan , non abbiamo nulla con i tifosi inglesi , anzi c è sempre stato rispetto con tutti, quando sei troppo ubriaco rischi di dare fastidio

  11. Graham Fearnley

    I am a Leeds fan, we know all too well of the troubles it poses European Matches. Stay Safe Lads hope you get a great result.

  12. Mk1 aquatic

    Trouble is… if you turn up and try and take over the city/town like this, it's gonna offend the locals. Our track record as English fans overall isn't great at respecting other countries cultures. We're seen as drunken trouble makers by other nationalities because of so many past incidents, (all English, not just Newcastle). Best keep a low profile until you get in the ground. A lot of European fans will use knives, screwdrivers, belt buckles, anything metal they can use as a weapon, instead of fists. It should never happen, but unfortunately that's just the way it is. Just get out of there in one piece!

  13. TQ

    I’m a Boro fan and a few of our fans were stabbed in Rome when we were in Europe. Italian ultras groups are cowards and won’t have a straightener instead they just attack groups of old men.

  14. Footballeditz

    Omg! I’ve just found out about that news. I feel so bad, please stay safe ❤ ALSO! NICE CLUB TO SUPPORT! I SUPPORT NEWCASTLE ❤❤❤❤

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