Where's Sandro?! Newcastle United BACK in Champions League but watch as storm chaos delays arrival!

The Daily Mail’s Craig Hope reports from Milan ahead of Newcastle United’s Champions League return against Milan at the San Siro. Click here to read his preview of the game…

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35 comentarios en “Where's Sandro?! Newcastle United BACK in Champions League but watch as storm chaos delays arrival!

  1. Fizzy Sausage

    Craig, you are very acutely honing in on what the Geordie fans want to listen to and see in your videos. For those of us stuck at home with nothing to hang on to but poorly recorded Facebook shots of fans doing belly skids outside of bars in Milan, you’re giving the Geordie public the news and info they want to see and hear, good, bad or indifferent. Keep up the cracking content. bel lavoro e grazie 🤌

  2. jeffrman777

    It's safe to say that while he wasn't necessarily unhappy about coming to Newcastle, he obviously didn't actively have us as his first preference either. But that's not necessarily a huge problem for me. Even he said it as much himself, how many footballers can get a move to Real Madrid or Barcelona? I appreciate his forthrightness and the fact that he went with Newcastle out of the options available to him.

  3. avinaturkish

    What a joke that press conference was. Professional athletes can't cope with being delayed. Its not as if they were all crammed in the back of a landrover for a few hours. Pathetic journalistic questions

  4. Darren Brians

    Its hard to make two number 8 function smoothly. With Tonali an Bruno. Remember the Gerrard Lampard conundrum for England. Who sits who pushes?. If they both push we get caught short. We need a no6.

  5. Ryan Taylor

    Enjoy these videos Craig. I can see this being a tight and cagey match early on, and I hope AC Milan will open up as the game goes on which should suit us. Nonetheless, what an occasion. Going for a 2-1 Newcastle win.

  6. Charles Lamont

    Thanks Craig, I'm nervous and excited about the match tonight. We weren't at our best on Saturday but I feel Eddie can galvanise the team for this long awaited return to Champions league action.

  7. John Silver

    If you lot do not ask such stupid questions, there won't be an agenda dominating the air waves. The lads are adults, they can endure sitting on their bums for two hours. People go through far worse things.

  8. The Byronicmann

    ‘Filum’ ahhh you passed the Geordie test! Would you believe it was my athletics training partner Johnathan Edwards who used to pull me up for saying filum instead of ‘film’! Great calm before footie storm video 👏👍

  9. Steve Parker

    Have a good time Craig. I am excited and nervous at the same time…..inhaling all the content from everyone today! Howay the Lads!

  10. David Cook

    Thanks Craig,let’s hope Sandro’s trip home doesn’t unsettled him. We now know Eddie’s limitations, he can’t control the weather 🤔😁

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