🔥 Exciting news, Toon Army! Join us on The Toon Review as Paul brings you the latest scoop straight from St. James’ Park! Bruno has finally agreed a brand-new contract with Newcastle United that will keep him at the club until June 2028! ⚽📝

In this video, Paul dives deep into the details of Bruno’s new deal and what it means for the future of Newcastle United. The big talking point? There’s a jaw-dropping £100 million release clause built into the contract! 💰😲

Paul will give you his honest opinions and analysis on this colossal release clause. Is it a smart move for the club? Will it attract interest from other clubs? What does this mean for the Toon’s ambitions in the Premier League? 🤔

But we want to hear from YOU, the passionate Toon Army! Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. Are you thrilled about Bruno’s contract extension, or do you have concerns about that £100 million release clause? Let your voice be heard, and let’s get the discussion going! ⚫⚪

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  1. niclas lindman

    I have full understanding That want a Option For Are Not want it are Reason For That for Agents I'd has a Good one and economic advisers are Be Owned And not Have a way out if Not Get it to work are To many Teams but 10 young lads for 2 places need Fill so where do other 6 go Yes Rental Market and do not calm it loan For no One Sign on for Say Chelsea for End up in Lover half of Championship Ligue are Can Send you to 3 Ligue in Rumania if like Player has no say For Own buy club and they can do what line with Players for Ruin them if not do what told so Buy Option are Can play them self out From a club Do like that and Chelsea wrote How many players do they buy every year and 5 years Contracts If have Brain today For Most pro players not get to be and has not to do with not good enough are that Rent them out so drain money from do that and belove me And 4 years sell them so always change to a bit better so get at least what paid for them and Many players get drained so give up for Self Value's not exist and Chose To Get injure For This Sell player are New owner It is Coming to PL for are Not All Treat Players Well are rather Iposite are most common for Do you ask Player sent to another country to lower Ligue there If he Happy With That for That Is A Real Thing Happen to majority of younger Are learn Next time lime to be In control for Not belove Brunos Dream Åre Newcastle Real Madrid ,PSG and so on are Isak are Barcelona And Next window or after Season ends will For Isak are Xavi are him When Isak got bought to Newcastle Barca not allow Put that kind of money on players had to fix economy first and are Real Sociedad He was 17+ goal 15-20 assist Are Not a centre Streck player are Not So use technical players are Need from side are often do or chose be middle fielder from side for are Wilson on centre and Isak 9n left that is how Create Goals and against PSG and so 9n are Waist Wilson on Bench or Isak on bench when both shows be against 10 best teams and Champions Ligue should be Wilson and Isak on Left for That is how Put up Treats That do can not press to high for Have 3 atdacker and Class on Them Isak ans Wilson should rest when meet below 10 in PL then be bench and only if Get to score put those 2 in last 30 minutes if lead do not so rotate but Best atteck should be both in team when Best teams and Champions Ligue so do Top team do they Never has Best centre Striker One bench in Champions Ligue against Liverpool ,City are Isak on left Wilson in middle was it Tottenham had them Last season in Cracy score or Everton was Show Tbey easy play together found eachotber Really well and Passes opens up for are So good in play in positions so Crazy not are Them use from start for secure goal if do so are Isak do Same Number of Assist that do goal are His Best side and His Magic are go to waist in centre for Not fysical Player and That is Mistake not use Wilson and Isak In same team from start are That need against best Teams for Note put on like Milano are not afford press that high up if Wilson and Isak Andersson or Gordon if has 3 of them Run and Isak has magic feet's are just Wilson are running up and there are fysical for get position to Pass get are waist Isak if not use him He can Get a 3-4 man To not know what leg stand on And strike goal are Not go to do that of play on position are today that is Disable him from Do his magic are Wilson are best player in centre Isak on his left and 3 9n right those 2 should be offensive Get directly win ball up to Bruno or Tonali so Get ball to Those 3 attackers so Get fast up and get Isak and Wilsson up there are that use in Champions Ligue and Top 10 team in PL are rest both on bench and use only if need score last 30 minutes So Get Both top 4 and Get To 16 In Champions Ligue for are that good if use players have right has those 5 are offence and World Class players has 👌
    But Bruno do not leave if Feel Happy there are That 100 million are Not about you are to feel secure And Not Locked in a Contract so not Have a say This give him that and are that actually Willing give that Is a Good thing 8n it self If have a team That Play on wirld arena Why move are already there want to be 🤔

  2. Jack reed

    It’s chill Paul, so happy to have this extended he’s quality but no player is bigger than the club now with our owners and ambitions. Plenty more lads now will step up to be part of our team in the future. Gives us good 100million to match a player of his quality and frees him

  3. Stephen Christie

    Look at the revenue bruno would accumulate if we sold him in a couple of years or whenever all part of the stepping stones to make our club bigger and better I think it's a great thing 100 mill release clause 🖤🩶🖤🩶🖤🩶🖤🩶

  4. Jazzflute

    We should have taken £100 million of Madrid, I would use some of the money to get Billy Gilmore from Brighton he took the piss out of Guriemes. Any player that thinks he's bigger than the club should fuck off. He hasn't even warranted a better contact ffs.

  5. Marcus Aurelius

    If we lose Bruno we get £100m to replace him. No player stays forever, at least we will get paid. With the way some toxic muppets in the fanbase have turned on him this season I can understand why he might want an escape clause. Actions have consequences.

  6. Alwyn Howie

    £100m seems low, based upon Liverpool have already bid that amount. Anyway, not sure why there was a need to rush a new contract, Bruno still has plenty of time on his current deal. Great player and pleased he is at the Toon because when he is on form he is superb but I don’t want to see Newcastle being forced to act under player power. Fingers crossed there are other clauses in the contract , ie release clause can only kick in after a period of time. Plus as someone else has already mentioned a release clause only impacts the Toon negatively if the player wants to move.

  7. andymagpiewatson

    Depends who wanted it. Was it Bruno or the club? Too many clubs can offer that money right now. Does it mean if we not in Champions league next year then he's off? Too much speculation still. Many people saying its this n that yet they couldnt possibly know the facts

  8. Guy Fawkes

    Don’t like this one bit. I have a feeling Salah will leave Liverpool in January for silly money, and Bruno will be Liverpool’s big money replacement. £100M isn’t even that big a fee anymore.

    If he doesn’t go to Liverpool, the Saudi’s will pick him up for what is pocket change to them.

  9. rene Eskimotoon olsen

    real madrid….mmmmhhh….counting the money…. mmmhhhhhhh…. he is brazilian, so a chance to play at camp nou or santiago bernabeu. i would not begrudge him that chance. but another epl club… naaah.

  10. Northumberland rock hopper

    He will be sold don't worry about that and we will make a tidy profit. Get used to it they are all for sale they have to be to get to the top. We hardly make a bean from player sales atm

  11. Baz Leng

    I think the devil is in the detail.. I'm not so bothered about the release clause .. as you alluded to Paul there could be a time clause .. & I'm not so certain he would want to go to another PL club ..the Real Madrid or Barcelona offer down the road maybe tempting .. I think ill hold fire until the details are released..

  12. Lee Turner

    I got a funny feeling that Claus was put in for man city to get him next year I pray to God it never happenes I realy don't like this

  13. CrowTails88

    If he keeps playing like he is the release clause will be £100 hopefully he will improve, hope on Sunday if Newcastle get beat we won’t here the lame excuse of being tired 🥱, Tuesday night then Sunday 4.30 no excuses, could of been worse could of played today at 12.30 , wanna be big club gotta get big club mentality, boss the situation

  14. Ryan Rheaume

    Paul I was being told from day one by so many that Bruno is going nowhere… well how the tides have (somewhat) turned. I can’t ever see him going to a rival club but let’s say we don’t go to the next level in a few years i can easily see Barca or Madrid swoop in for him

  15. Bryan Battista

    I'll bet any release clause will be a bit more intricate than just 100 million, also it will without doubt be weighted in the clubs favour. Doesn't worry me at all, we will trigger release clauses for players in the future so swings and roundabouts.

  16. michael pearson

    I think he wanted to leave in summer thats why his form has droped.all honestly i think hes not worth 20 mil let alone 100 best we let him go to clear ffp and spend big in jan on.someone who is worth 100 mil etc

  17. Bruv Butler

    Not a fan of the release bs should have been a straight up sign done toon for another 7yrs what happened now if someone pulls that cash out and bang hes gone we are left a player down . Done where the days of the daftness or so we thought

  18. Abraão Santana

    Fair points, Paul. Your concerns are legit

    Now, as a non-fan of Newcastle (but supportive of the club since I want you guys to win), I'll raise a few points:

    1- The release clause isn't automatic. The other club has to convince him to leave;
    2- There isn't an interview in Brazil where he doesn't highlight how much he loves the club, the city, the fans, owners and Howe. And without being asked about the subject;
    3- He also always said that he doesn't want to play as #6 (in the national team he is #8), but that he does it because of Eddie and the club needed. And he played in one leg an entire semester without complaining ;
    4- Having said that, In this window alone, he just saw Eddie pay 70 million for another #8 (his position) and another 40 million for a left winger, without resolving the issue of #6, that he continues having to cover;

    So, it's no surprise he wants a way out if things don't change. Plus, don't forget that after helping to take the club out of the relegation zone and qualify for the Champions League, it only took 3 regular games for fans to attack him on social media asking him to be sold or go to the bench. The charm has been shaken lol

    PS: Imo the real threat will be City if they buy Paqueta

  19. Ash Jones

    I always thought a release clause was above the players valuation, so if Liverpool valued him at 100million, surely the release clause should be about 140 mil

  20. jdevlin

    It was never going to be 150+, this is likely what the haggling was over, he wants the ability to move and as a player it makes sense. They weren't going to accept a ridiculous amount that couldn't be met, what would be the point for Bruno? It's just business I'm afraid. We can't just trap the man into a deal.

  21. filbfilb

    100mil release clause is fair enough, lets be honest, hes not worth as much as a Bellingham anyway, if we are a success then he wont want to leave and if he does and we get 100mil then that also isnt a problem.

  22. Fahim's Mood

    Whats ur problem! If player doesnt play good fan scream, if its right than player has right to think their side. They r not club slave

  23. steven west

    So were gonna pay him more wages just so a team can offer the 100mil most can afford? What a waste of money. He still had plenty of years left on his previous contract with no release clause.

    The only good thing out of this is hopefully we sell him and can use the 100 to get even better or more 40 mil players. Then rinse and repeat

  24. FUBARsteve

    I think we will go down the Spanish route, and stick large release clauses in all our players contracts. Makes things a lot smoother, and ensures the club gets a hefty wedge if he does go.
    I honestly don’t mind it being there.

  25. Snow Leopard

    I'm not party to the details obviously, but I think the release clause will relate to specific clubs, especially Madrid. I'd be surprised if we sold Bruno, in the future, to another PL rival.

  26. Dan Burlinson

    I honestly don’t see him leaving us to join another club in England. I’d be sad to see him go if a European club met the fee but it’s a lot of money.

  27. Gary moffat blues

    Clubs can bid over £100m and trigger the release clause but ultimately its down to the player to act on it. It gives the player control over their future. If bruno is happy he wont want to leave

  28. Christopher constance

    Liverpool may have bid 100£ but not to be paid up front. That’s a release clause. Any team would need to pay 100£ up front.

  29. terry bilton

    I agree with a clause . Real Madrid or Barca will come knocking eventually. Doubt Bruno will go anytime soon but eventually he will . This guarantees the club getting 100 million for the player . Otherwise get a lot less

  30. Johnmac

    Bruno's going next summer,if Liverpool bid 100 million this summer you know they and other teams are going to activate it next summer.he will end up at Liverpool man utd or Barcelona maybe city for cash plus Phillips.

  31. AdamLW71

    fuck him tbh. HEs way overrated/. Way overrated. You musnt be watching properley if you cnat see he's awol most games. That clause and letting everyone knwo abut seems liek he wants to go and thats how much we want for him. This is a statement nothing else. He will be gone in a year max

  32. Christopher Hudson

    Very few clubs have the money to pay 100mil in full up front which is what a release clause dictates so I believe, no installments

  33. William Crane

    He is starting to think he is bigger than the club yet he is just as bad as the rest of the team at the minute .. but trying to keep fans onside ..

  34. Mick Sullivan

    Release clauses are for one thing only…so a player can leave b4 the duration of their contract and the club cant do anything about …when a player wants a release clause inserted inside any new contract its coz they have no intention of staying the length of that contract…be lucky if bruno is here for nxt season bet ur bottom dollar his agent will be letting every big club know about this clause…why wantca clause if u intended to stay …utter bollocks

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