Jeff Stelling & Ally McCoist Debate if Newcastle Should SIGN De Gea or STICK With Dubravka 🤔

TalkSPORT’s Jeff Stelling and Ally McCoist discuss Newcastle’s goalkeeping situation and if the club should sign former Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea or stick with Martin Dubravka.

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36 comentarios en “Jeff Stelling & Ally McCoist Debate if Newcastle Should SIGN De Gea or STICK With Dubravka 🤔

  1. @st4rskream

    If Dan Ashworth and Eddy Howe are considering bringing in a keeper that hasnt played in months and isnt actually much if at all better than the keepers we already have then they must know something i dont. Its time for Dubravka to get his chance and if Karius and Gillespie arent good enough to be back up to him then why are they there still? I think Karius is a good keeper regardless of the mistake he made that everyone reminds me of and Gillespie was at one point really highly rated without ever getting a chance.

  2. @ChrisBrandon-mv6rz

    De Gea will get them 1 or 2 extra points than Dubravka you would think but not guaranteed so it's a chance decision??
    I do think Newcastle need to splash out on a marquee signings. Like Man City did with Robiniho just to n send a message.
    Even if that transfer dosnt work out. Newcastle would have taken another step forward I my opinion

  3. @johnsilver613

    we do not need a keeper, it is just some media spinning a talking point. Eddie has shown faith in his players. Dubz and Karius are more than good enough to do a job.

  4. @glennsaliba3480

    If i was a Newcastle fan, I would want DDG to sign today. Dubravka is good and did not let you down, but DDG is one of the best goalkeepers the world has ever seen.

  5. @michaelbarsdell6279

    He’s a good keeper, can definitely do the job, but if we were unlucky enough to lose him to injury, then we would be screwed get the guy in

  6. @michael5091

    De Gea would be a great shout to replace Pope if we can get him on a short contract to the end of the season.

    But I can see Eddie Howe backing Dubravka and giving him a chance. He shows unbelievable trust in his squad players (Lascelles is a prime example).

  7. @BaronSpamedi

    Dubravka is a good shotstopper (not quite as good as Pope) but is slightly better with distribution.
    No reason to get De Gea at all.
    We should save our financial resources for outfield cover in January, to enable more squad rotation while this injury crisis is ongoing.

  8. @robzombie5928

    De Gea playing champions league football in 2024 when United wont be, bit of revenge for how he got treated on the way out of United.

  9. @joelthomson8697

    We don't need DeGea (or Ramsdale). We don't actually concede a huge amount of shots (don't mention PSG) and Dubravka isn't that far off Pope when it comes to shot stopping. I even think his decision making is better than Pope's. Seems a lot less nervous when coming out to chase down loose balls etc. Dubravka, Karius, and Mark Gillespie will be fine holding the fort for the next few months. We need a CB, a CM, a forward, and to recall Minteh from Feynoord in Jan and we'll be fine. Just need to power through this month's eight games with the TWELVE outfield players we have available.

  10. @ajmorris32

    Ask yourself a question WHY did we sign nick pope?🤔 A. Because dubravka wasn't good enough. Nothing has changed. We have to bring someone in.

  11. @FatherlyFitpreneur

    Ten Hag has not demonstrated the multi-dimensional approach needed to be a manager, not just a football manager, but a manager of people period! I've been doing it for years as an exec, Ten Hag is 1 dimension. And worse of all, he is now compromising his own Character! When he started, he implement 5 rules that well supported. The man is now breaking his own rules. You can lose everything in life, but if you lose your character, that is the end.

  12. @FatherlyFitpreneur

    Facts. We all heard how Ten Hag demanded terms that would give him additional influence on transfers. The man got what he wanted!

  13. @FatherlyFitpreneur

    Its true. Klopp said "it felt like Disney Land" He toured the club and met with Woodward at the time. FACTS! Coupled with that, Van Gaal warned Ten Hag! The man is spitting FACTS KG

  14. @michalmartinka4601

    Dubravka has been a massive reason why Slovakia qualified for Euro! (easy grouop? Slovakia was drawn from 5 th bowl into it). Give him a chance. He is in form!

  15. @grahamsidney9214

    Only reason I see us getting another keeper is if they have already given the green light for karius to leave in January

  16. @ACM-sp1gh

    Dubravka is absolutely class. Why they loaned him to man u last year was beyond me because they took him back and he was cup tied 😂😂. Just took dubravka in my fantasy team so stick with 😅

  17. @ninjashrimpgaming2657

    DDG is a quality keeper but Dubravka is also a solid backup who rarely lets us down. Lets get behind him and improve the squad in other areas if we can

  18. @questioneverything751

    Imagine Arteta sels l him and Raya gets injured ? Now they see the importance of having two world class keepers 😂

  19. @_youngkoala

    Dubravka has never let us down, absolutely no need for another keeper. He is similar to Pope, great shot stopper, very ordinary with the ball at his feet. These are the facts.

    We also likely don’t need another CM like people are reporting if we get Longstaff and Willock back in the next few weeks, not to mention Anderson hopefully around the new year too.

    We do however need another striker possibly.

  20. @goodwin9114

    De gea is a no brainer. No transfer fee. Proven pedigree. BUT didn’t de gea say no to Saudi Arabia recently and as we know the Saudi tend to take rejection or criticism quite well historically

  21. @Ultrasoundwave

    Dubravka is an excellent goalkeeper and, strangely, Newcastle will benefit in a way from him playing instead of Pope : Dubravka is MUCH better with the ball at his feet.

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