Danny Murphy QUESTIONS If Newcastle Have WASTED Money In Transfer Windows With The WRONG Signings 👀

TalkSPORT’s Danny Murphy questions Newcastle United’s spending in transfer windows.


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19 comentarios en “Danny Murphy QUESTIONS If Newcastle Have WASTED Money In Transfer Windows With The WRONG Signings 👀

  1. @st4rskream

    The only mistakes Newcastle have made since the takeover were not signing Diaby and Paqueta. We were so heavily linked with both before everyone else only to let them go to Villa and West Ham. Imagine an attack of Isak, Diaby, Paqueta and Gordon, we would score so many goals we wouldnt even need a defense

  2. @adgeyuk9803

    Didn’t his mrs want to move back to the north when he was at athletico, either he’s split with the mrs or somethings going on because he’s happy at Newcastle. I smell something fishy. But we have Livermento who’s the best young RB in the world imo.

  3. @kete3690

    We are potentially doing the same again, we don’t need another no 8 like MGW, we need a no6 a RCB, RW and CF before another 8.

  4. @seanbonella

    calvin who????
    another overhyped youngster who forgot he had to actually WORK for his money….
    bardsley, phillips, alli, grealish…..yes, grealish….robbing a living

  5. @RobinHood-us7sg

    So let me understand…..it’s not only Forest who get stick for their transfers? 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  6. @mika-eelkhan15

    Hindsight is a beautiful thing because before the season started they couldn't stop talking about all the great business Newcastle done in the market

  7. @paultaylor9498

    Danny Murphy saying trippier played in the final with athletico Madrid.
    No, he didn't athletico Madrids last appearance in the final was a few years before he joined

  8. @eL--RaL

    Can anyone tell me anything English about prem which is superior and a pillar in their league flight 😂
    Anything big and Influential about their league is either Oil states or African related players 😂

  9. @herrzyklon

    We all know why Trippier is likely to leave to go abroad, rather than stay in England with at least one visit to Newcastle (staying in an hotel) likely or guaranteed, depending on the club…

  10. @DarnallDubois

    Yeah Hall was definitely a bit of a head scratcher. Tonali was hard to see coming, and Barnes got a freak toe injury, can't really legislate for that.

  11. @lks3416

    Here we go over the past two transfer windows everyone was saying Newcastle have done great business they done "Shrewd Business" according to to mr. Jordan, now we're questioning it?

  12. @davidwebster5946

    Obviously with hindsight the summer window was a waste of cash so far but that could change when Barnes/Tonali eventually get paid

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