Nottingham Forest 2 Newcastle United 3 | EXTENDED Premier League Highlights

Extended highlights from our huge victory at the City Ground!

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30 comentarios en “Nottingham Forest 2 Newcastle United 3 | EXTENDED Premier League Highlights

  1. @sergiobugueno5893

    Fue un partido sufrido, lo bueno es que se logró el triunfo….
    Dan Burn no puede seguir siendo lateral izquierdo, es demasiado lento y poco creativo en ataque, estamos perdiendo una agente ofensivo por ese sector y es nuestro punto débil…
    Longstaff es un jugador poco hábil y muy displicente a la hora de defender, evalúen cuando el pierde balones y a la hora de marcar , solo hace sombra y mira con el rival avanza ……
    Mis saludos desde el sur de Chile, vamos Magpies!🖤🤍

  2. @HeavenisOurHome

    this is what will happen in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, no one will stop it.

    c'est ce qui va se passer à l'Est de la République Démocratique du Congo, personne ne l'arrêtera

    ibi nibyo bizabera mu burasirazuba bwa Repubulika Iharanira Demokarasi ya Kongo, ntamuntu uzabihagarika

    hiki ndicho kitakachotokea Mashariki mwa Jamhuri ya Kidemokrasia ya Kongo, hakuna atakayezuia

  3. @geordietoogood

    The commentators are dreadful. They scream more for the other team than they do Newcastle when they score. Terrible commentary team

  4. @user-hs9tb8wf2l

    1.40 and 2.35 these are the moments playing dan burn that will get eddie Howe the sack how can he not see that teams are targeting dan burns shit pace

  5. @Steph-wq9it

    Bruno ❤ is pure brilliance.
    Finally being played in his rightful position.
    Although he is outstanding sitting deep in midfield & that’s been required for the good of the team this season, with so many injuries.
    Let’s hope next season Tonali plays deep in front of the defence allowing Bruno to push further forward to show his magnificence.
    He loved it. ❤
    Absolutely world class player. ❤

  6. @phil5357

    Wilson. Teams been desperately waiting his return for a month, he manages a whole two games, and now he's out again.

    Far too fragile to be considered a useful first team member. If he stays, he must be 3rd, or even 4th choice next season.

    Take the dozen games a year he's fit as a bonus.

  7. @imaxyxia

    Question is for Elanga's goal. Dubravka is way out, if he stays put Newcastle have a better chance of keep the ball out!!

  8. @lepszezyciezNimi

    NoI haven't seen such a weak defender playing for a long time, like Batman, how slow he is, how unmanoeuvrable he is, how often he makes bad decisions, Dubravka, an average-class goalkeeper, how could you not sign a better goalkeeper in the winter… a scandal… this goalkeeper… none words… wrong decisions very often…slow and his reflexes are as if he had a few kilo weights attached to his hands… I understand the principles of Fair Play financially… but you could, for example, bring in a Pole from Poland to play as a cheap goal… you don't have any scouts and you don't know that Poland is famous from goalkeeper training and has many good goalkeepers…almironen I'm also tired when I look at his offensive game… at his shots… and I hope that when he's tired against Arsenal he won't play Burn but that he would play for him Livramento a quick Saka… and I think I don't need to explain why…

  9. @55north17

    If Eddie Howe is not careful Burn and Trippier will cost him his job when he has much better on the bench. Loyalty is one thing but…….. it's a professional game.

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