Remembering Christian Atsu | 1992 – 2023

A feature-length documentary remembering the life of former Newcastle United and Ghana international footballer, Christian Atsu.

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44 comentarios en “Remembering Christian Atsu | 1992 – 2023

  1. @LordKananga5

    Sad death. Was hoping he wouldve escaped. Used to rate him. Was a good footballer. Shouldve been utilised as a cam more.

  2. @tedboyle7924

    “Oh Christian Atsu,
    He is so wonderful,
    When he scores a goal,
    Oh it's beautiful, Magical.
    When he runs down the wing he's fast as lightening,
    It's frightening,
    … and he makes all the boys sing…” 🎶 🖤🤍🖤🤍

  3. @pauldesouza6235

    May his soul rest in peace 🙏 i still remember he took a direct kick because the regular direct kick player was injured and Christian with no hesitation scored and placed it well

  4. @bosstourtv8232

    We never forget our own, RIP Christian, a credit to our club and all of our fans, aswell as a guy who had a huge heart and gave generously to community projects.

  5. @laurence374

    Can't believe how brave Marie-Claire was to get in front of the camera and re-live this experience. Such a beautiful family and my heart goes out to their kids. I'll be giving my kids an extra big hug tonight for sure. Rest in peace, Christian.

  6. @user-bs5qr5ie4s

    he helped a lot of people in my country ghana
    help that was badly needed
    is a shame he died so young
    as he could have accomplished more helping ghanaians and could have lived the rest of hes life as a hero in ghana

  7. @iBunZz360

    Rest in peace Christian, sending prayers and love to his Wife, kids, family and friends. Atsu was a great player for us, a great servant, some beautiful goals and assists, but the main thing I will always remember Christian for is just his pure positivity and joy to play football and play for our club, it was beautiful so see and we loved having him here. Such a tragic loss.

  8. @ianbell2515

    Never our greatest player, there definitely happy memories, no doubts. You made them for us fans, for that we'll always thank you.
    But you joined our club, you became apart of our family. Thank you for your service.
    You'll always be a hero, you'll always be Newcastle, you'll forever be a Geordie!

  9. @Allosauridae

    I was there for the Cardiff game and the goal he scored was the most unique, incredible free kick I'd ever seen in person. A credit to the club on and off the pitch.

  10. @simmatrob1977

    I was at the leazes end at the side for that opener against stoke in 2017, fantastic first time finish, he was massive in our return to the top flight the previous season, and even toward the end of his time at NUFC he often had much to contribute, such a sad end, at the end of the day, when he played in our colours he played with passion and commitment, and more than that we don’t ask, forever in our hearts Christian ❤

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