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  1. @AdnanAli_313

    Eddie smiles alot these days which I think he's glad Ashworth is going lol . All season he's been miserable even when we were winning.

  2. @Crips2432

    Why are reporters asking Eddie howe how he feels about Dominic solankie.ask Eddie howe about his own players..what a load of crap these reporters talk about

  3. @saraelyas661

    👉 It isn't fair to Compare a fast player with a Good Personality like Miguel Almiron to anyone Else. He's a Newcastel Worker Who knows what he's doing!


  4. @robbrown6495

    Why isn't anyone pushing Eddie on our options from the academy?
    Surely with 2 strikers out and only Gordon who knows which way is forward we should be seeing youngsters being given a chance, especially from a team who are apparently struggling?

  5. @vivekstephen6090

    Mr. Dan Notworth can pack his bags, Wilson is not having a start stop season, it's a full stop season for him, he too might as well pack his bags, Eddie y do nufc have a sports science department at the club, r they researching how to play without injuries on mars, the buck stops at ur hands Eddie, it's been a failure of a season for u, non of ur plans are working it's time you pack ur bags as well

  6. @marcusoreallly

    Eddie definitely my #2 manager of all time interviews. I tried to never miss Sir Bobby interviews. There wasn't YouTube during King Kev and not nearly as much media as today. But, I've never been disappointed after Eddie's pressers. Even when I'm angry after a bad loss, he has a good calm, like an admiral of a fleet.

  7. @raf7305

    Hope he plays Livramento in this game. Livramento was playing against PSG away from home and more than holding his own. So he has proved he can be trusted to play in a home league game against Bournemouth. Come on Eddie be brave and drop Burn.

  8. @knufc1564

    Bournemouth's press conference has only had 850 views 🤦🏼‍♂️ this has had 25,000 👍 after 13hr of posting

  9. @markspark7634

    I gotta say, ashworth is being a dick, if he fancies a new challenge then fair enough, thanks for your efforts, we will look forward to smashing your new team, but what he is doing now, is the worst thing anybody at a club can do, he is being a distraction to Eddie and the team, ashworth says nothing, and Eddie has to sit here and answer question after question about it, disgraceful and disrespectful to a great manager

  10. @markillingworth1972

    So no contact regarding Dan ashworth , Wilson could make it back before the end of the season , just goes to show all the bullshit flying around on certain podcasts and in the media , believe fuck all till you hear it from the boss himself not these so called bull shitters spouting their crap every week ! Also goes to show we’ve some gullible fans seriously you lot believe fucking anything that’s said

  11. @7wonder25

    Howe and want to keep him after the good job he has done but for that, he needs his team to finish the season on a high note and make it to a European competition.

  12. @craig3420

    Eddie clearly dosnt rate little dan …for eddie to think like he is…i will go with eddie…little dan does alot of gardening leave…get the compo..and put him on gardening leave

  13. @leefylee73

    Please sort out a decent mic so were able to hear the journo's questions clearly. Some are ok, others we need to guess the question based on Eddie's answer.

  14. @IanEckert1977

    I Married Sara-Jayne The Everton USA Chairwoman 2009 In Chicago Illinois USA In 2009…

    …I Only Wanted A Bird That Could Get Me Free In2 The Football…

    …Buggered Off 2 Sunderland Or Durham After The Fucking Space-Cadet Got Her English Citizenship ffs Boys And Germs…

  15. @smokeygoe6924

    We shouldn’t do any business with Man United
    It just seems wrong on so many levels..
    We would be helping them to get stronger..
    So what if he’s friends with whoever,
    He has a job at Newcastle that has to be fulfilled 😲

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