Why it’s time for THAT change + FULL Newcastle United player ratings!

The Daily Mail’s Craig Hope reflects on Newcastle United’s 2-2 draw with Bournemouth in the Premier League.
He also brings you his full NUFC player ratings – who got 5, and who got the top mark of just 7?
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36 comentarios en “Why it’s time for THAT change + FULL Newcastle United player ratings!

  1. @daveyeddie8176

    Massive long term injuries for the millionth time, Pope, "Tonali" Wilson, Isak, Wilock Barnes, Anderson,
    Botman, Burn, Targett, ranging from 20 weeks to 12 weeks, I think we've done brilliant 7th in the league. otherwise we definitely are going for champs league again. Howe in a way working wonders again, we could actually be looking at the bottom of the table instead. 7th place, excellent effort in my opinion under the circumstances. and hope for reminder of the season also.

  2. @Ses169

    Don’t you think it’s time for the manager and the back room staff to change the tactics? As two many teams are now realising where our weaknesses are ? I respect Dan burn and think he’s played brilliant most of the time but it’s definitely time for Tino to bring that pace to our back four …

  3. @senshibat8920

    Given the injuries you must adapt with the men you have not the ones you wish FFP would give you. Point off Brighton for 7th but 7 From the Red Devils now. Happy for Ritchies goal and we move on.

  4. @fizzysausage

    I’m tired of the whining and moaning coming from all angles now.

    What if we consider;
    – Ashworth departure has been on the cards for a while and he’s not the be all and end all of this football club?
    – Darren Eales, PIF Newcastle ownership agreed in January that this is NOT an important season for Newcastle and that we simply have to limp through until the summer, all things considered, Eddie, can you do that? Eddie – yes.. ok let’s do that and not worry about positional bonus’s and titles, fans just need to suck it up and we just need to block out the noise.. it’s for the greater good.
    – let’s not waste any money or spending power in January. Let’s see what we can squeeze out of these players and their current contracts regardless of their value at the end of the season (why worry about £10m devaluation of a Wilson for example if the exchange pain of another player means that we are no better off (hindsight over Wilson’s Pec excluded)

    Look no one said that our progress would be linear and we are still 7th and in contention for European places and FA cup possibilities.

    Dan Burn this and that. Changing Tino, Tino when Burn makes a mistake.. think about it man.. Not sure who or what our fan base has been one at times. Get behind the lads or f@ck off. Simple.

  5. @micknewcastle1924

    Rather harsh assessment – if Newcastle had put their chances away we'd have won 10 – 2
    Almiron & Murphy could have had a hatrick a piece – Gordon, Schar & Bruno also had chances – if might had played a simple ball to Gordon another chance etc etc
    No mention either how dirty Bournemouth were & how they could have easily had 6 yellow cards the first half – the ref was an absolute joke Bournemouth surrounded the ref on numerous occasions again no yellow cards shown……..diabolical.
    NUFC were far the better team – just didn't take their chances.

  6. @corronord

    Sean Longstaff ghosting all game yet again! Yet everyone talking about Big Dan Burn. When our midfield is the reason why we have barely been keeping our head above water.

  7. @SpencerBreckify

    Too much focus on the individual player performances.

    You can't win games if the manager keeps making the same poor selection and tactical decisions whilst the team is in a rut.

    My nan could walk through the midfield, my old man has 1 leg and could still turn Burn inside out.

    Howe needs to change it up.

  8. @user-gs2hn8bh7z

    The same people slating Howe were calling him God last year !! 🤡. Same with BDB, Longstaff and Miggy. Shame on the lot of you. Clueless and reactionary and the type who can’t get it in their heads why we are not buying Harland and the like as we are the richest club. This is the premier league, everyone can beat anyone. Trust the process and just about every transfer window we will improve. 🤡

  9. @bobburton3982

    You can start whining about Howe after he's got his own team. Dubravka, Schar, Longstaff, Wilson, Miggy, Lascelles, Murphy, Ritchie, Joelinton etc etc were all Bruce players. Despite that, he's, improved them all. So some of you muppets want rid of Howe for someone else's team? Impatience like this is embarrassing. THIS IS NOT HOWE'S TEAM. He's brought a few in and then we've been bombarded with injuries. Give the man chance. Let him build a team he wants before spitting your dummies out. We've had a bad season, mainly through injuries – at one point 14 of a 25 man squad. Shit happens.
    I don't think we're ready for the glory Hunters yet, so crawl back under the rock for now, we'll let you know when you a re-emerge and follow "your boved club" again.
    You lot are exactly why we don't need a 100k seat stadium.

  10. @Bassa1952

    Agree concerning Burns. Bruno on his own in midfield. Team missing Joelinton, Murphy and Willock. Totally different team when they play.

  11. @dynamicsdetailing4951

    I’ve Been a massive Howe supporter….. but…the BDB and Miggy selections have made me lose faith and trust in his judgements unfortunately.

    Eddies been a football manager for over 20 years (which is longer than Pep), so I’m not buying the “learning on the job” argument. Especially when it’s clear he’s not learning from his mistakes.

  12. @TC-qd1zw

    He sadly has no tactical nonce. He is besotted with his favourites and now clubs have found the lock it will not get ready

  13. @markgilmore2017

    You say it like you see it Craig. I don't agree on about half of it, but I enjoy enjoy your content and time will tell all. You're a positive influence and it's right that the questions are asked. After all there's no better feeling for a manger OR a player than to prove the press wrong.

  14. @MovingtoSpain2023

    I just wish one of you guys in the press conference would be brave enough to ask Eddie, why he keeps starting Burn & Miggy. Cos none of us understand it 🤷

  15. @be4ze1

    Always wondered why 6 is average rather than 5. Starting at 6 means they have further to fall than climb. Feels a bit negative

  16. @davidrobinson2776

    Let's face it, a Champions League side should beat Bournemouth at home. We are better player for player. Solanke would maybe get on our bench with us at full strength.
    Miggy Almiron and Sean Longstaff are not good enough. Lewis Miley is not the finished article. Dan Burn is a decent centre half playing left back.

  17. @philipmurray7419

    Eddie really is playing up to his surname, Howe is Miggy playing, Howe is Burn getting his game, Howe is Longstaff getting his game, Howe is he going to fix it and Howe long before he loses his job. I have not seen him writing in his book of tactics for about a month now and really worry for him now and it will be his own fault.

  18. @alien4422

    Is Howe deliberately trying to get the sack and a pay off? Because people keep saying that he is a pro yet he keeps on making the same rookie mistakes that even armchair managers such as myself would not make.

  19. @Hustlersambiton

    Howe is to blame ultimately if we do not finish top 6-7 he’s done the same thing over and over with burn. That’s the definition of insanity. Not blaming burn. It’s cost us a lot of points unfortunately

  20. @dannywelbz3650

    Are new castle fans on drugs ? They went from the relegation zone to top 4 , it was clearly an over performance but how the fuck you expect to be a top for team from relegation zone in 2 seasons with ffp hampering due to how small new castle are as a club. Joke fanbase

  21. @LolsFishingAdventures

    No striker.yet we've just got a proven goalscorer in the kid we got from Man City. Looks like Harland, maybe he should've been given his chance? Better then not having one surely?

  22. @jamesmilligan2797

    Howe is starting to resemble Southgate in his flat refusal to use the sqaud & change things up, worrying trait. Please drop Miley!!

  23. @user-ch4wl3oe1q

    Is Eddie Howe deliberately trying to get himself sacked? Because this is getting silly now.
    I like most fans really want him to succeed but he also has to help himself too.
    However, continuously wedding himself to a formation when he doesn't have the personnel is suicidal.
    There are plenty of other formations and tactics he could use with the squad that IS available (including Parkinson/Diallo etc)
    He needs to demonstrate he has some additional ideas now.

    On the Hall thing: we'd be mad to let him go as he will turn into a brilliant left sided midfielder a la Gary Speed .

    On the Burn issue: I know no one who blames Burn for this. They are upset with Howe for hanging him out to dry.

  24. @gordy3714

    Newcastle at the moment are 7th with all the problems they are having, Howe is doing a very good job.
    It was the ownership who decided to keep the powder dry until the summer.

  25. @BigDom61

    Dan Burn again when will Eddie please see what the fans are seeing we should have beaten teams like these but we were lucky to get a draw

  26. @TheDefJamm

    Howe's excuse of playing Burn for his aerial ability is wearing thin. The threat of opponents in the air is far less than the threat of them with the ball on the ground, and a fast player against Dan Burn. Why can't Howe see this!?

  27. @stevenmurray436

    I’ll ask this question again as no one ever answers it – why do we have so many injuries compared to other clubs? Are we over training players? Are our training techniques poor? I mean, I know we have some injury-prone players like Wilson and Isak, who seem to need several weeks out every time there’s a gentle gust of wind, but something needs to change.

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