The stand-off between Man Utd and Newcastle over Dan Ashworth

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Sky Sports News chief reporter Kaveh Solhekol with the latest details on the stand-off between Manchester United and Newcastle over sporting director Dan Ashworth.

Newcastle have placed Ashworth on gardening leave after an approach from United. The 52-year-old told the Tyneside club he wanted to leave on Sunday.

The Newcastle chief is top of Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s list to front up his new football operation at Old Trafford after completing his deal for a 25 per cent stake in the club.

There is yet to be a formal approach for Ashworth, but that is expected to come this week.

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33 comentarios en “The stand-off between Man Utd and Newcastle over Dan Ashworth

  1. @stevehay2293

    He has way to much inside information on nufc . What does he do ? He takes a portfolio of nufc summer targets with him to man u . And severely debunks all the hard work the club put into the future of the football club. This should be an illegal act . Man u and ash worth should be prosecuted.

  2. @gustaaf1892

    United should not be paying a huge sum for someone who is just an administrator. Newcastle is currently paying him for doing nothing, so what's the benefit of hanging on to him at any cost just to make a point? He has all the knowledge of Newcastle already, so that won't be restricted by having him on leave. He can't have his memory zapped when he inevitably leaves. five million is more than adequate compensation for him. He is not the Messiah and practically any competent person would do a better job than what United have been doing on transfers and contracts over the last 10 years or more.

  3. @zandernpatch

    I dont blame ashworth for living how the fan who got treated by the club all because of her own opinion is disgusting even worse is what she said was true its wokecastle united now.

  4. @wilbertone3

    It's funny, Newcastle think they hold the cards here. Man United will go elsewhere. They're not going to pay 20 million pounds. They'll just be stuck paying a want-away sporting director that they told to f**k off back home lol

  5. @stevenmurray436

    Dan Ashworth doesn’t stay anywhere very long. Newcastle would do well to get as much as they can then let him go – he doesn’t seem to commit long term, so Man Utd are welcome to him

  6. @CEO786

    We shouldn’t go for Dan ashworth he’s a waste of time, he’s shown his loyalty, ready to jump whenever the situation isn’t as expected.

  7. @steveningram3732

    How can it be a stand off when they’ve yet to approach us? It’s simple, they pay what we ask for or he doesn’t start working for you until 2026.

  8. @marcusaurelius49

    Only Man U could get in a drawn out row over a football executive 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  9. @zulu3621

    Dan’s not committed to the toon plan, and the fans don’t think he’s the man. If he wants to go to Man U,then he can do,for 50 million woohoo.

  10. @Nick-X

    Right you manc has-been c**s – We've had him for around a year – You think you can roll up and already disassemble what we're trying to put together without getting rinsed? WRONG.

    Pay the f**k up or walk the f**k on.

  11. @TheRealDxK

    Dan Ashworth's career is 2-3 years in a job, followed by loads of gardening leave! The guy's found a way of getting out of each job early and still getting paid!

    Bet his roses look incredible 😁

  12. @wilbertone3

    Sit at home, draw up an unofficial summer transfer plan for Manchester United, get paid by Newcastle.
    Newcastle should just sell him at a reasonable price instead of paying him for doing nothing till June. OR, continue to get salty about it, screw yourself over on a deal for a sporting director that wants nothing to do with you… all the while still paying him lol cutting your nose off to spite your face.

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