Dan Ashworth ABANDONS Newcastle, but will he TRANSFORM Man Utd

True Geordie reacts to Dan Ashworth demanding to leave Newcastle in favour of Manchester United as Joey, Josh & Jacob answer how important Ashworth is to United.

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49 comentarios en “Dan Ashworth ABANDONS Newcastle, but will he TRANSFORM Man Utd

  1. @wazza00001

    Someone should actually understand who actually did the Brighton signings. The owner has a proprietary software that the scouts use for scouting players. Ashworth never brought that with him. Good Luck to Man U

  2. @EvilpRoductionns

    Geordie is so salty 😢😅 funny how Edwards left Liverpool and there transfers went down the pan, the manager and dof have to work together klopp never wanted Salah but he trusted Edwards and look how that turned out, you can let him rot he can just cancel his contract his gardening leave is 18 months hence why United wanna pay a fee he will just walk out of his contract and work unofficially

  3. @ToeRagFC

    When your marquee signing in a season turns out to be a chronic gambling addict just a few months after signing him, you have to question the due diligence that took place.

  4. @ketarwalker6141

    What I love about this video is the fact Geordie won't give Ashworth any credit and all the blame of their terrible UCL run was all on him. 🤣

  5. @nilelynch4783

    One of the worst informed debates ive seen on the KO. Could of done with doing an ad break and getting google out.

  6. @kevinconway2965

    I love how they’re actually skating Howe and their scouts by the signings they made. Dan Ashworth doesn’t find the players, you bunch of melts. He oversees all the different footballing departments. They’ve literally just sat there sh*ting on their remaining manager, scouts and current players trying to cope with the fact than Man United are and will always be a bigger and more successful club than Newcastle.

  7. @doc_oz

    This is what Man United used to be. Headhunters with a shark mentality. I'm totally tickled by how Newcastle fans are roiled by this. They were rubbing our noses in it last season. This is payback!

  8. @GuvnaC

    Everyone forgets the miracles Ashworth worked at West Brom too. He was absolutely monumental in maintaining them as an established premier league team on a minimal budget for a number of years. The academy was also top class as well with a number of players from that period of time excelling in their senior careers. Ashworth is unreal. Wherever he goes, the success follows, it’s not a coincidence.

  9. @kevinconway2965

    Does losing Dan Ashworth make Newcastle worse? Yes.

    Does getting Dan Ashworth make Man United better? Yes.

    That’s it. Argument over.

  10. @GarethSewell1982

    Absolutely ridiculous for TG to play this down, and I’m a Newcastle fan. Ashworth is very highly though of and it’s a blow losing someone who was going to be part of the project, however I can see the Man Utd appeal. We should just rinse them as much as we can and move on…

  11. @jakekirton1586

    Head of newcastles scouting team is a bloke called Steve nickson i believe…think he brought players like asm and joelinton so been there a while he does the scouting Eddie and the owners picked which plauers out the target list given to them by Steve and Dan ashworth was the one who negotiated the deals …he did identify some think Harvey Barnes and Anthony gordon was something to do with ashworth……think Dan's good at his job but defiantly overhyped…not a certainy he will do well at manure other clubs will still want more money from them in transfers cos its man united 🤷‍♂️

  12. @DagiX3

    😂salty…it’s easy to understand United didn’t have any structure and have been wasting money on unnecessary signings but still United is a top 4 team for the last 10 years…now imagine when there is a structure it’s about margins on the top of the table…

  13. @Ash-D-

    Been watching True Geordie since the football hangover and I think this is the final nail in the coffin for me. He has now just created an echo chamber and shouts over anyone who happens to oppose his view. Him and 80% of the guests seemingly have no clue about the subject in which they speak about for a living, mad.

  14. @ute3kay

    As a united fan, I enjoyed the debate. Valid points from both corners, managers deserve equal credit if they also do equal work similar to directors of football. However most managers are strictly coaches these days and are mostly exclusively on the pitch. Basing your talent acquisition on a manager who could easily be replaced is damaging to the longterm prospects of any club, just look to Manchester United as a example, after Sir Alex left the void was massive. Had to hire so many people to do what he did and if Newcastle go the same route thats okay but it'll work until it doesn't. Without the structure it'll be doomed to fail when Eddie eventually leaves cause he won't be there in 5 years time but a director of football will.

  15. @Stephen09W

    Let him sit on fester for 2years and pay he's 1.5m a year contract while getting another one in and paying he's wages 2. What a Whopper u ate if you think Newcastle will do that or even can afford to do that 🤣🤣 Have us by the balls 🤣🤣 Yell get half of what yee want for him more than likely.

  16. @Stephen09W

    Wants to leave cause he wants to go to a big club lads instead of being at a mediocre one that hasn't won a trophy I about 70years 🫣

  17. @joriordan1654

    What even are some of these points?! Firstly 13:00, how is Brighton getting good fees for their players being held as a negative towards Ashworth? That’s a job well done and 18:03, I’m guessing that wasn’t an issue when Ashworth moved from Brighton to Newcastle?

  18. @callumpiper208

    true Geordie saying he doesn't care that much about dan ashworth leaving, then spends the rest of the video crying

  19. @jamesthomas6164

    Brian talking like United started the over pricing for players between Newcastle and United, when United wanted to sign Longstaff Newcastle quoted United 50 million for a player who had played 13 games or something 😂

  20. @leemcdermott7303

    Don’t even need to watch seen so many bitter geordies on you tube that can’t accept united are a far bigger club

  21. @richarddcrossley

    If he was in place Manchester United would have paid a good 20-40 million less for some of the players recently. That alone makes a good DOF critical. Manchester United have been overpaying and selling poorly for years because we don’t have a top DOF.

  22. @r0bz372

    yep i now know we're getting a top top level DoF. geordie is pissed that he's jumping ship and trying to dirty a the name of a highy rated man who's close friends with our new part owners.

  23. @krisfenty6521

    He honestly hasn't really done much since he's been here other than over pay. Get the money for him and go get Michael Edwards! What he done at Liverpool was incredible. Far far superior to Ashworth, a proper elite level club DOF.

  24. @johnrichie8836

    Man united in it's shape today needs a overhaul from top to bottom. And Ashworth, like Ben Foster said, is a guy who will make sure to get rid off all the dickheads that exists both in the player squad and in the backroom staff. Huge win for Man united and a great step in the right direction. GGMU!

    Can you get Rashford off our hands please? lol

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