Simon Jordan FIRES BACK At Alan Pardew Over His Eddie Howe 'Gatekeeper' Comment Critique 🔥

Is Eddie Howe really the man for Newcastle United? talkSPORT’s Jim White and Simon Jordan have their say!


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38 comentarios en “Simon Jordan FIRES BACK At Alan Pardew Over His Eddie Howe 'Gatekeeper' Comment Critique 🔥

  1. @David10LUFC

    He is a gatekeeper. Howe is not the man to take them forward. They will never win anything with howe. Howe has done a good job, but hes taken them as far as he can. He needs to go

  2. @mrvolkswagon1710

    He’s literally brought nothing to the club for the most part, isak no, Gordon no, Bruno no, Botman no, trips no. We’ve done far better before him. Bye bye

  3. @craiglee3653

    Ashworth has been in the job about 18 months and whats he done?

    Many would argue the windows before he arrived were better.

    Hes hardly been here to have any real affect on the club.

    Hes put things in place but so far no fruits to bare.

    Cant see this having any effect on Nufc in the long run and i doubt anyone can fix Man U.

  4. @gillie-monger3394

    Ashworth is a 'flash-in the pan' artist who moves on just as his club is on the downslope of success. He'll probably last 2 or 3 seasons at Utd and leave after a short spell of 'success' for pastures new.

  5. @andrewgarrett5799

    he's telling the truth, i can't see him there for too long. depending on what place we finish he might be gone at the end of the season

  6. @Wearethewingmakers

    Simon getting a wee bit upset that United are getting it together. 😂 i honestly cant wait to hear the excuses when they win the league again. I heard a cracker last week, “if United get top four this season then it doesnt say anything about the quality of the PL!” In other words the leagie must be shite if United get top four! I mean wtf that is utterly ridiculous. 😂

  7. @user-cp9kx4bb8s

    SJ is absolutely spot on. No rich owner will put their trust with the likes of pie face Howe 😂😂. He's just keeping the spot temporarily. Once a proper European continental well known manager at the helm then only the project signing big players begin. No big players want to play with unknown pie face Howe 😂😂😂😂

  8. @sunnydevilliers6767

    Howe will be gone end of season wouldn't be,surprised if we get Klopp or some other Mourinho.
    Howes wiped our season
    Out of Fa cup out of CL bottom of group mid table bad signings
    Saudi group wont tolerate that.
    Fire Howe now

  9. @chrisdonnelly7401

    Alan said who can you bring in that could improve the team with no budget thats the question he wanted simon to answer

  10. @jimhuf8102

    United doing off the pitch what the do on, trying to buy in success, reality is United should be going for the guy that Newcastle will replace him with

  11. @bigpoppaHH69

    United development of youth players have "gone to the dogs" yet we have multiple youth players starting at united including the development of top young players who play through out the premier league oh dear someone please educate Simon 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  12. @billyrobinson9569

    all football managers are gatekeepers none of them hang around long its an easy comment to make to make simon look as if he knows something no one else knows. we all know simon

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