FURIOUS Newcastle Fan Calls For Eddie Howe To Be SACKED 🔥😱

Newcastle fan Jack believes Eddie Howe should be sacked after his side were knocked out of the FA Cup to Manchester City.


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24 comentarios en “FURIOUS Newcastle Fan Calls For Eddie Howe To Be SACKED 🔥😱

  1. @flynnkeenan8318

    LOOK AT THE FANS DURING AND AFTER THE GAME!!! We don’t want Eddie out at all stop listening to these idiotic fans that don’t even go to the match!!!

  2. @michaelhogarth5462

    This guy does not speak for Newcastle fans ! We have had a long wait for a successful team and the important thing is to stay patient and not try to force things ! I honestly believe we have achieved so much, Bruno, Issac, Trippier, Botman, Pope, Livramento ! We are not a millionaire miles away and stability is key ! We need to give Eddie time, Problem, what problem ? This fella isn’t even a Geordie ffs

  3. @leightonwaugh8713

    The core of our teams have been out more than any other teams by a MILE. Name me another manager apart from pep and klopp, we can get that would of done considerably better than Howe, with the same pieces??? Everyone else is a risk. So stop being reactional. Its clear Howe just need players back AND players currently playing fully match fit ie. BOTMAN, LONGSTAFF, WILLOCK and ISAK

  4. @paulinechick

    Don't keep putting Eddie Howe down Look back to were Newcastle were last season. last night was a hard game But we don't have the players to beat teams like Man City.

  5. @ewfz70

    City play boring game. They pass pass pass try not to give ball to the opponents. Then pass pass pass again until they are caught and conceded. Or…they pass pass pass then score some lucky deflected goals…😅

  6. @janysmahoney1271

    Neutral here) Weren't they deflected goals? Stop exaggerating and making out that Newcastle were trounced 8-0 cos f large parts Richy struggled.
    Ohara needs t keep quiet considering how Totts dont have anything t should f their £100mills spent 2

  7. @janysmahoney1271

    Id say Eddie is a cut above the overrated Lampard-esq British Managers who's disquised as being great cos theyve got a kings ransome at their disposal.
    Potter, Nevilles, Gerrard, Wilder, Potter, Scott Parker, Moyes, Sherwood, Rooney, Rodges, Stuart Ferguson, Mclaren etc..,theyre all useless

  8. @reecetanner8096

    Newcastle fans have got to be one of the most entitled fan bases out there. ‘Sleeping giants’ they said🫣🤣

  9. @bisonjones2594

    Not a single Newcastle fan wants the manager out. The media are good at creating a narrative. At the end of the game, all you heard was fans applauding the team.

  10. @leemccann7803

    Newcastle was lucky to get into the champions league.
    Citu got the best player because of all the cheating over the years.

  11. @RoadsideGee

    Another clown talksport give airtime to while trying to create a narrative. He’s doing fine, nothing to see here but talksport trolls and their clickbait.

  12. @jonathanward7320

    Leicester City sacked Ranieri the season after winning the premier league, so nothing would surprise me these days

  13. @jtmmmm27

    He's a victim of his own success if they finished 10th last season fans would have been happy with that and not be complaining now.

  14. @paulmcnallyfll8228

    We all have a go at the relegation teams that sit back and roll over for city and here are Newcastle, rocking up and playing a back 5 👎. Poor tactics and game. Forget how good city can be, this was just a shocking performance and set up by Newcastle and Howe, gifted them an easy win

  15. @Novacastrian

    The fans who buy tickets and go to games,who go to London an Manchester for night time games don’t want Eddie to go anywhere!

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