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FairFX Currency Card Review

As a long standing member of the community, the Newcastle Building Society is currently the largest financial establishment in the United Kingdom. Since1861 they have been serving their community, providing several domestic consumer financial products. UK Credit Cards are a large component of their business. The The FairFX Currency Card is issued by Newcastle Building Society and well known as Prepaid Currency Card.

FairFX Currency Card

Another attractive card for travelers is the FairFX Currency Card. This prepaid money card lets you use your money anywhere in the world while avoiding foreign exchange fees and credit card interest. Since there are no monthly or annual fees either, this is truly a card worth keeping in your wallet or purse.

It is very easy to load through bank transfer or with your bank’s debit card, which are both free. Standard purchases are free of charge too, but ATM cash withdrawals incur a small fee that is equivalent of just a couple US dollars. In order to use the card, UK owners must make a nominal minimum initial deposit.

While the FairFX Currency Card is easy to use, it is also very easy to maintain as well. You can check your balance online, as well as add funds if necessary. If you choose to, you can use your online access to transfer or share the card funds with another person. The latest chip-and-PIN security features ensure that your card is safe, even if it is lost or stolen.

If you do need to replace your card, the replacement fee is a bit higher than others, but perhaps that is just the incentive you need to keep track of it. At the same time, it is a moderate sum to replace it if in the event it is stolen.

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Should I Send Flowers?

It can be tricky knowing when it’s appropriate to send someone flowers. Here are five scenarios when it’s a good idea.

1. When its someone you love’s birthday

It can be difficult knowing what to buy someone for a birthday. But whether it is the love of a partner, a family member of a friend, why not show how much they mean to you by sending them a big bouquet of gorgeous flowers? It will make their day and they will remember it for a long time to come.

2. When someone is down in the dumps

Whether they’re having problems in their working life, their romantic life of just live in general, people get down in the dumps for all kinds of reason. And when they do, they need cheering up. If you know someone in that situation, why not cheer them up by having a lovely arrangement of flowers send to their door? They’ll be hard-pressed not to smile.

3. When someone close has died

Deaths in the family or in a family you know are obviously sad and difficult times. Whether you’re sending flowers to a grieving spouse, a son or daughter, or for the funeral itself, it is a gesture that will be greatly appreciated and it will help to convey your sorrow for the loss. Likewise, if the person who died is particularly close, why not take flowers to their grave on a regular basis.

4. St. Valentine’s Day

This is a much happier occasion and, while there may be a lot of cynicism about this so-called ‘greetings card holiday’, every girl in the land would love to receive flowers on the 14th of February. So, whether you’re involved in a relationship, want to woo (that’s right, ‘woo’) a lady in your life, or have a secret crush, send them flowers and make it a romantic day for someone special.

5. Just because you know they’ll like them

Why does it have to be a special occasion? If there’s someone you know who would love to receive some flowers from you, then why don’t you send them some. If it’s your girlfriend or wife, she’ll be absolutely delighted to receive them and it can’t hurt your popularity!

So, now you know when to send them, it’s just a case of finding the right Newcastle florist to have them sent. If you need a little help finding them, why not use a Newcastle directory?

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"NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!" Newcastle 1-1 Watford Matchday Vlog

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PR – It’s All About Your Staff

Like many I ‘fell’ into a PR job. I started straight out of uni with a marketing degree and joined as a PR’s assistant at quite a well-known firm. This way I learnt the ropes and made many helpful contacts along the way.

10 years later and with my own PR Company to my name, I couldn’t be happier with my job. I have a handful of close-knit, dedicated staff who work well together and party just as hard! It wasn’t easy when I decided to launch on my own. As anyone starting any sort of business venture could tell you, it’s a hard struggle to sell yourself well.

When I first started I had two people who I took with me. Once we started tottering on our feet, with our own office space and an extensive word-of-mouth campaign, it was time to bring in the talent. And honestly, it’s the talent, dedication and perseverance of my staff that has kept this company running and growing in the last two years.

I’d heard of a dedicated Media Creative recruitment agency in Newcastle through a mutual friend. Within a year I’d heard enough of the company’s reputation, simply within PR circles, that I knew I’d have to shop for fresh talent for my new company there.

The whole process was quite simple and pain-free. I knew what I was looking for, I put this in so many words to the recruitment agency and I got what I wanted. It really was that simple! 

I had two PR jobs in Newcastle to offer. I was looking for a PR Account Manager as well as a Web Developer. The recruitment agency only sent candidates after they’d been interviewed and was the closest to the specifications I was looking for. I only interviewed 5 people in total and filled out the two positions straight away.

After hearing so many horror stories with new staff and the difficulty faced by many in having to recruit fresh blood, I was pleasantly surprised that my first time experience was so seamless.


I have since recruited for more creative job positions within my company, all from the same trusted agency. I have to date had a growing number of employees join me as my small company has grown to a mid-level agency, vying for a spot in the big pool. One thing is for sure, I couldn’t have done it on my own. Don’t settle for second best when it comes to recruitment. Get out there and get some help from a professional recruitment agency in your local area. It might be the making of your business.

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Tommy Smith – Liverpool FC Legend

Tommy Smith was born in Liverpool in 1945 and had a reputation as a real ‘hard man’ a defender who determined, powerful and who’s raw aggression in the tackle quickly earned him a reputation, but he could also play as well, making over 600 appearances for the club he supported as a boy. He was a key player during the 1960’s and 70’s as Liverpool rose from second division mediocrity to dominate the English game.

Smith joined Liverpool as an apprentice in 1960 at the age of fifteen and he was soon playing in the reserve team, his determination in the reserves saw him make his debut for the first team during the 1962-63 season in a 5-1 victory over Birmingham, but it wasn’t until 1965 that Smith began to play regularly, and during this season that he was instrumental in Liverpool’s FA Cup winning team that beat Leeds United.

By the 1965-66 season Smith had cemented his place in the first team as Liverpool went onto win the league title, which would be the first of his four titles with the Reds. Despite his reputation as a hard man, Smith was only ever sent off once during a match and that was for swearing at the referee and not for one of his infamous tackles.

After a period of re-building under manager Bill Shankly in 1970 which saw numerous new players arrive at Anfield, Smith was given the Liverpool captaincy and despite losing the FA Cup final to Arsenal in 1971, success wasn’t far away, and in the 1972-73 season he became the first Liverpool captain to lift a European trophy as they won the UEFA Cup as well as regaining the League title.

Six months later however, following a disagreement with manager Bill Shankly, Smith was stripped of the Liverpool captaincy and dropped from the team, to make matters worse, arch rival Emlyn Hughes was installed as the new club captain. After the differences were settled, and despite rumours that he wanted a transfer away from the club, Smith regained his place in the team, now playing at full back, rather than his favoured central defensive position.

He went onto to win the 1974 FA Cup final against Newcastle, and two more League titles in 1976 and 1977, which was probably Liverpool’s most memorable season. After winning the League title, Liverpool looked set to achieve an unprecedented ‘treble’ but narrowly missed out after losing the FA Cup final 2-1 to Manchester United.

Just days after losing the FA Cup final, came a unforgettable night in Rome as Liverpool faced German side Borussia Monchengladbach in the European cup final, an injury to Phil Thompson meant that Smith started the game and he scored the second goal in the 3-1 victory, that saw Liverpool win their first European cup.

One final season at Anfield saw Tommy Smith bring down the curtain on his Liverpool career in 1978, after 638 appearances and 48 goals for the club, nick-named the Anfield-Iron, after his hard man reputation, he will never be forgotten.

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Chris Wood is set to join Newcastle United as it’s confirmed he is undergoing a medical #newcastle #nufc #transfers

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Premier League Preview: Arsenal Vs Stoke

Premier League match time arrives at the Emirates as Arsenal get set to host Stoke on Wednesday, February 23, in a first leg game that was originally scheduled in December, and got postponed owing to snow.

Arsenal are coming off a 2-0 home win against Wolves, in match week 27. Van Persie scoed a brace for the Gunners who went ahead 1-0 on 16 minutes, when the Dutchman volleyed one into the Wolves net. In match week 26, Wenger’s men had squandered a 4-0 lead away at Sunderland, but this time around, they ensured that there was no repetition. Wolves never looked threatening and after Van Persie got his second goal 11 minutes after the break, the score stood at 2-0, the final result. It was a tale of missed opportunities for the Emirates squad;. Van Persie himself missed a second soon after his first strike. Arshavin also had only the goalkeeper to beat, off a Van Persie corner, in another missed scoring opportunity. Fabregas was a third player to rue a missed chance on a day, when a 6-0 score might not have been unwarranted.

In match week 27, Stoke lost 1-0 away at Birmingham. The game appeared heading for a listless stalemate, when 3 minutes into injury time Zigic latched on to a cross from Jerome and headed the ball home for Birmingham. Birmingham had the better proportion of possession and would have felt relieved to bank full points against an obdurate Stoke. In a brief spell of domination, Stoke got a sniff at the Birmingham goal when John Carew got a shot in, only to see it blocked. Pennant had a free-kick, after being brought down by a rough tackle by Larsson; the shot beat everyone but missed the post by a couple of feet. Stoke were fortunate not have a penalty awarded against them when a Bentley drive was blocked by Huth using his hand for the purpose. In the end., the result was a fair reflection of the strengths of the respective teams in the game.

Head to head, Arsenal have established a 3-1 lead over Stoke in 4 league games between the sides.

Of their last 10 league games, Arsenal have won 6, drawn 3 and lost 1; Stoke have won 4 and lost the remaining 6 of their last 10. In 13 home games, this season, Arsena have registered 9 wins, one draw and 3 losses, while Stoke have won 3 of 13 away agames, drawing one and losing the remaining 9.

On current form, Stoke will need a large slice of luck to be able to prevent Arsenal from banking full points from the game.

Arsenal had the following men in their startng eleven against Wolves: Szczesny, Sagna, Djourou, Koscielny, Clichy, Song, Fabregas, Wilshere, Walcott, van Persie and Arshavin. Denilson, Bendtner and Chamakh featured as substitutes.

Stoke’s starting eleven against Birmingham comprised:Begovic, Delap, Huth, Shawcross, Pugh, Pennant, Whitehead, Wilson, Walters, Jones and Carew. Whelan and Fuller were used as substitutes.

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Try This and Cancel Your Back Surgery!

The prospect of having to under go back surgery is scary. With all the associated risks, days, weeks and even months of recovery and hours spent in physical therapy can cause most people to put off or avoid surgery. Since my surgery I am comstantly running into people who have back problems. Of course this is not surprising when you know that most adults will suffer a bad back at sometime in their adult life.

Recently a client of mind told me how he has suffered with back problems for years, but has refused to go under the knife because of the risks and the fact that for many people surgery does not cure their pain. As he said he would rather put up with some pain and discomfort then end up in a worst situation after surgery. There is however an alternative that can eliminate the need for surgery altogether. The alternative is inversion therapy using an inversion table. In a survey by Newcastle University they found that 70.5% of back pain sufferers were able to cancel their surgery after using inversion therapy.

Inversion therapy works because in relieves the pressure on the nerves caused by a buldging disc. It’s like you reverse gravity, taking the body weight and pressure off your spine. Most doctors are too busy treating the symptoms of back pain with treatments like anti-inflammatory medications, electrical stimulation, ultrasound and cortisone injections, and they simply ignore what is one of the biggest factors contributing to back pain. This contributing factor is spinal compression – which can ONLY be addressed through inversion therapy.

The survey by the Neuroscience Department at Newcastle University clearly shows that for a majority of back pain sufferers inversion therapy can lessen their pain to the point that surgery can be avoided. Instead of having to face surgery, possible complications, recovery and physical therapy inversion therapy could be the answer at a cost far below the medical costs associated with an operation.

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