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Home or Away, A Personalised Football Calendar Means You Won’t Miss a Thing

I use my knuckles. Clenching my fist, each bony bump is a 31-day month. Each gap between them isn’t. Once I get to the knuckle on my little finger, it’s back to the beginning. That’s how I remember the number of days in each month. Of course, the more conventional way would be to simply buy a calendar. Something with cute cats on it might be nice. Maybe one featuring my favourite TV programme? Or, most obviously of all, a football calendar. Turns out you can actually go one better these days, thanks to personalised football calendars. In some instances, you’ll even find calendars with photos of your favourite team and your name cleverly integrated throughout. What’s not to like?

Get yourself online and you’ll find calendars for over 50 teams. And not just the big boys either. Just like the personalised football books that are sold on the same sites, calendars cover clubs from Scotland, the Premier League, Championship, League 1, League 2 and even the Blue Square Premier. So whether it’s a Manchester United calendar, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool or Spurs, or whether you’re after Watford, Bradford City or Luton Town, you might well find yourself pleasantly surprised by the choice. These specific football calendars feature a reprint of an original newspaper report for a game or event at the club in question, for each month. What’s more, you can pick the month the calendar starts on, and personalise the cover with a name and message.

A slightly more exclusive selection of personalised football calendar is available for the bigger clubs. We’re talking the likes of Aston Villa, Manchester City, Leeds, Wolves, Everton, West Ham, Newcastle, Sunderland and Forest, as well as the guys competing for the Champion’s League. These calendars are really quite cool – they feature photos from memorable moments throughout the club’s history for each month, and the recipient’s name cunningly infused into the photo. It could appear on the front of a shirt, in the advertising hoardings running round the pitch, or even on a scarf being held aloft in celebration. They’re definitely really good fun and the perfect solution if you’re trying to buy for the footie fan who’s already got everything his club has to offer.

If any of these sound like your cuppa tea, you’ll find them all online. And it’s not just personalised football calendars on offer. You’ve also got Cup Final DVDs, personalised mugs and prints, in addition to a whole range of other stuff. Just have a look – you’re bound to find something to suit.

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It’s the Size of a Man’s Wallet That Really Matters

An under-endowed man can still make a huge impact, recent research suggests, provided the size of his wallet is big. That’s the findings of Newcastle University evolutionary biologists, Dr Thomas Pollet and Prof Daniel Nettles. Women have a much more fulfilling sex life with men who are rich, and the richer the man, the better it gets for the girl.

Does that mean that super-wealthy men like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have deliriously happy wives? Maybe… Dr Pollet says, «Women’s orgasm frequency increases with the income of their partner.» So, if a girl has a great sex life with a man who has a respectable bank account of one million, what happens when the man has the estimated 50 billion of Mr Gates, or the estimated 42 billion of Mr Buffett? According to the reseach findings, I’d reckon they wouldn’t have time for anything other than constant orgasmic pleasure!

Surely it isn’t really like that, is it? Dr Pollett says it isn’t down to anything the girl might think about regarding a lot of money. It’s all down to evolution. She simply can’t help herself. You see, according to the evolutionary theories that Dr Pollett relies on, evolution has «hard-wired» women to choose the kind of men who will best provide for them, and it’s the size of his wallet that really matters in the modern world.

Perhaps in prehistoric times this «hard-wired» evolutionary response caused women to look at the size of the kill he brought back from the hunt. A man who only brought back a rabbit was likely to have a very sexually unsatisfied female partner. On the other hand, the man who could bring back a dozen buffalo – and a couple of of woolly mammoths into the bargain – probably had a very happy and well satisfied partner, though it’s a bit hard to see how he could have found the time.

Is it really so coldly clinical? Are women really mindless, gold-digging automotons who can’t work these things out for themselves? I’m sure that every woman reading this is shouting an emphatic, «No!» Surely there are plenty of women who have partners with modest bank balances who have great sex lives. And while the old saying of «when money goes out the door, love goes out the window» may have some basis in truth, as long as he brings home the bacon and keeps the home fires burning, most women are likely to be reasonably content with their lot.

Not so, says Dr Pollett, whose personal bank balance couldn’t be determined while researching this article. He says that, «More desirable mates cause women to experience more orgasms.» And mates who are more desirable are of course those with more money, according to Dr Pollett. The women just can’t help themselves, apparently. It’s something completely out of their control. Dr Pollett continues by stating, «What those orgasms are saying is ‘I’m extremely loyal, so you should invest in me and my children’.»

Ah! It’s all down to the wily ways of women who use their sexuality to hold on to a man who has everything she needs to keep her and her children in comfort for life. It has nothing whatsoever to do with love and affection – just survival. Maybe so, but I’m willing to bet that there’s a few women who don’t quite see it like that.

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Top 3 Stag Weekend Destination in 2013

Come weekend time, and people start thinking of going to unknown destinations to renew themselves. They look for stag weekend unexplored places, where they can not only get some fun, but also learn something new. People take the advantage of corporate boat hire, as well as an activity trip at stag do Portsmouth.

When people plan for a stag weekend getaways, they have to think of many considerations like accommodation, language, health and transport. There are many good weekend destinations in U.K where people can get to explore themselves. They can plan on their own beforehand, or rest their worries on a travel service firm. It is very important to plan weekend destination in advance, so that children and life partner can also take a break from the routine and enjoy as well.

People choose from among the top weekend destinations, they have shortlisted. Here are some of top weekend destinations of 2013.

1. Bristol

Bristol is a stag weekend destination for those who like to have their short holiday completed in a fun and adventurous way. Bristol is famous for its nightlife and motor friendly roads. It is accessible by major transport networks, which makes it promising. Bristol activities can also include quad biking, the famous West Country games and its clubs. People can also take the advantage of playing in casinos while dining at the restaurants. Bristol though not that much popular for casinos as those in Texas, offers a good deal on casinos in terms of cost efficient and entertaining casino deals.

2. North Wales.

North Wales is a stag destination to be chosen by people who are interested in clubbing. There are lots of clubs with various amenities and entertainment at night time. North Wales is also famous for adventure sports activities like White water rafting, clay pigeon shooting, canoeing and surfing. Accommodation is also available easily without any issues. Wales has good number of beaches to sit with family and enjoy. Corporate boat hire can also considered by people who like to sail and see the sea wild life. Accommodation in North Wales, if booked in advance does not cost much compared to last minute booking and travel plans.

3. Newcastle.

Newcastle is famous for the famous MTV Show and is known as the Party capital. People who love night life during weekends and wish to spend their time losing themselves up should visit Newcastle for sure. This place is home to many bars and clubs along with activity sports like quad biking, swimming, football, hiking and more. The bars and clubs in Newcastle are known for many night life activities for party lovers, who like to hang on till early morning sunrays.

Portsmouth can also be considered by people, who want to explore some new activity and take advantage of stag do Portsmouth benefits. People experienced in sailing in yacht charters can also suggest corporate boat hire benefits to their friends for the weekend trips.

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The Loudest Bands In History: 10 Ear-Splitting Acts Who’ll Batter Your Brain With Sound

For decades, musicians have turned their amplifiers up to 11 in a quest to blow audiences away with their walls of sound.

From old-school heavy metallers to cutting-edge electronica artists, bands across a range of genres have shredded eardrums, damaged buildings, and even caused earthquakes from the sonic booms they’ve produced.

In this article, we’ve outlined 10 of the loudest bands in history, described the impact their audio assaults have had on their audiences and arenas, and detailed how each of them earned their reputation as ear-ringing soldiers of sound!


Lemmy Kilmister and his crew started out with the goal of being the loudest, dirtiest, fastest, harshest band in the world, and many will say they succeeded.

Their live gigs could reach a mighty 130 decibels, and venues around the world suffered the consequences.

At the Cleveland Variety Theatre in 1984 they caused the plaster on the ceiling to crack and fall onto the audience below, while in the UK they broke the roof of Newcastle City Hall, shattered the windows in Wolverhampton Polytechnic, and set the speakers on fire at Port Vale FC.

It’s no surprise then that they titled one of their live albums ‘Everything Louder Than Everyone Else’.


This electronic duo proved they could match any heavy metal band for sheer destructive noisiness when performing at the Brixton Academy in June 1996.

Their concert was measured at 137 decibels and the brutally loud beats tore chunks off the building. Having covered their audience with lumps of plaster and dust blasted from the walls and ceilings, the group weren’t invited back to perform at the venue for another four years – and only then on the condition that they turned the volume down.

My Bloody Valentine

This alternative rock band practically reinvented how guitars could sound on their 1991 album Loveless, immersing the songs in layer after layer of feedback and distortion. When performed live, the combined force of all the levels of sound became frighteningly, notoriously noisy.

While touring to promote the album, the band set out to test their audiences’ ability to bear the extreme volume for sustained periods of time, which led to one journalist describing the shows as ‘more like torture than entertainment’.

Fans attending gigs were often handed earplugs before entering, and despite the band spending over 20 years either on hiatus, broken up entirely, or unsuccessfully trying to record the follow-up to Loveless, the early days left their mark in the form of chronic tinnitus.

‘I regard it as a friend,’ singer/guitarist Kevin Shields has said.

The Who

On May 31, 1976, 75,000 people packed into Charlton Athletic’s football ground in London to see a line-up headlined by The Who. Their performance that evening was measured at 126 decibels… 100 feet away from the speakers.

However, being among the loudest bands in history came at a price for the members, with Roger Daltrey telling reporters in 2018, ‘I advise all you rock-and-roll fans – take your f***ing ear plugs to the gigs. If only we had known when we were young… we are lip-reading.’

Blue Cheer

American psychedelic rockers Blue Cheer are considered a pioneer of extreme loudness, being the first band ever listed in The Guinness Book of World Records as loudest band in the world.

In the late 1960s their volume levels were well beyond what people were accustomed to, with fans at their gigs commonly having to abandon the first few rows as they couldn’t withstand the noise.

Blue Cheer were so loud that they had to record outdoors, with part of their second album being recorded on a San Francisco pier.


These power metal troublemakers often write songs influenced by tales of swords, sorcery, fantasy, and mythology, being well known for their epic, crushing sound. It seems appropriate then, that Manowar have seemingly been on a quest to hit levels of loudness that no other band can possibly complete with.

In 1984, the group were named by the Guinness Book of World Records for delivering the loudest performance ever, and they have since broken their own record on two further occasions.

Their current personal best decibel count was achieved during a sound check at the Magic Circle Fest in 2008, when they reached a mighty 139 decibels.

Deep Purple

Another band recognised as the loudest in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records, Deep Purple are among the originators of inflicting supreme noise punishment upon their all too eager audiences.

A whole generation grew up with Deep Purple pummelling their eardrums and earning their place in rock folklore, while some fans ended up taking harder hits than they ever expected, as three audience members attending a 1972 gig at the London Rainbow Theatre were knocked unconscious by the force of the sonic assault they were subjected to.


Gene Simmons’ latex-clad showmen had their heyday in the 1970s and 1980s, so it is perhaps surprising that their loudest moment came in December 2009.

During a performance in Ottawa, Canada the band hit an extraordinary 136 decibels. Apparently the concert was so loud that the noise complaints from the city’s residents forced the band to turn down the volume mid-show.

Foo Fighters

During a show in Auckland, New Zealand on December 13th 2011, Dave Grohl and his crew literally made the earth shake. Over the course of their 3-hour set, the band caused ground movement similar to a volcanic tremor which was felt up to a mile away.

Clearly though that wasn’t enough, as the following year they played a gig in Belfast to 32,000 fans which could be heard up to 12 miles away – resulting in 140 noise complaints being made.

Led Zeppelin

These rock gods have long been regarded as one of the best, loudest, and most influential bands ever. Known as one of the founders of heavy metal, Led Zeppelin’s concussive crunch hit harder than almost every band who’d come before.

Anecdotally, many music journalists believe the group’s performances during the 1970s were the noisiest of that decade, but their legacy of loudness gained official recognition when The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) measured a performance of Heartbreaker at an astonishing 130 decibels.

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FairFX Currency Card Review

As a long standing member of the community, the Newcastle Building Society is currently the largest financial establishment in the United Kingdom. Since1861 they have been serving their community, providing several domestic consumer financial products. UK Credit Cards are a large component of their business. The The FairFX Currency Card is issued by Newcastle Building Society and well known as Prepaid Currency Card.

FairFX Currency Card

Another attractive card for travelers is the FairFX Currency Card. This prepaid money card lets you use your money anywhere in the world while avoiding foreign exchange fees and credit card interest. Since there are no monthly or annual fees either, this is truly a card worth keeping in your wallet or purse.

It is very easy to load through bank transfer or with your bank’s debit card, which are both free. Standard purchases are free of charge too, but ATM cash withdrawals incur a small fee that is equivalent of just a couple US dollars. In order to use the card, UK owners must make a nominal minimum initial deposit.

While the FairFX Currency Card is easy to use, it is also very easy to maintain as well. You can check your balance online, as well as add funds if necessary. If you choose to, you can use your online access to transfer or share the card funds with another person. The latest chip-and-PIN security features ensure that your card is safe, even if it is lost or stolen.

If you do need to replace your card, the replacement fee is a bit higher than others, but perhaps that is just the incentive you need to keep track of it. At the same time, it is a moderate sum to replace it if in the event it is stolen.

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Should I Send Flowers?

It can be tricky knowing when it’s appropriate to send someone flowers. Here are five scenarios when it’s a good idea.

1. When its someone you love’s birthday

It can be difficult knowing what to buy someone for a birthday. But whether it is the love of a partner, a family member of a friend, why not show how much they mean to you by sending them a big bouquet of gorgeous flowers? It will make their day and they will remember it for a long time to come.

2. When someone is down in the dumps

Whether they’re having problems in their working life, their romantic life of just live in general, people get down in the dumps for all kinds of reason. And when they do, they need cheering up. If you know someone in that situation, why not cheer them up by having a lovely arrangement of flowers send to their door? They’ll be hard-pressed not to smile.

3. When someone close has died

Deaths in the family or in a family you know are obviously sad and difficult times. Whether you’re sending flowers to a grieving spouse, a son or daughter, or for the funeral itself, it is a gesture that will be greatly appreciated and it will help to convey your sorrow for the loss. Likewise, if the person who died is particularly close, why not take flowers to their grave on a regular basis.

4. St. Valentine’s Day

This is a much happier occasion and, while there may be a lot of cynicism about this so-called ‘greetings card holiday’, every girl in the land would love to receive flowers on the 14th of February. So, whether you’re involved in a relationship, want to woo (that’s right, ‘woo’) a lady in your life, or have a secret crush, send them flowers and make it a romantic day for someone special.

5. Just because you know they’ll like them

Why does it have to be a special occasion? If there’s someone you know who would love to receive some flowers from you, then why don’t you send them some. If it’s your girlfriend or wife, she’ll be absolutely delighted to receive them and it can’t hurt your popularity!

So, now you know when to send them, it’s just a case of finding the right Newcastle florist to have them sent. If you need a little help finding them, why not use a Newcastle directory?

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PR – It’s All About Your Staff

Like many I ‘fell’ into a PR job. I started straight out of uni with a marketing degree and joined as a PR’s assistant at quite a well-known firm. This way I learnt the ropes and made many helpful contacts along the way.

10 years later and with my own PR Company to my name, I couldn’t be happier with my job. I have a handful of close-knit, dedicated staff who work well together and party just as hard! It wasn’t easy when I decided to launch on my own. As anyone starting any sort of business venture could tell you, it’s a hard struggle to sell yourself well.

When I first started I had two people who I took with me. Once we started tottering on our feet, with our own office space and an extensive word-of-mouth campaign, it was time to bring in the talent. And honestly, it’s the talent, dedication and perseverance of my staff that has kept this company running and growing in the last two years.

I’d heard of a dedicated Media Creative recruitment agency in Newcastle through a mutual friend. Within a year I’d heard enough of the company’s reputation, simply within PR circles, that I knew I’d have to shop for fresh talent for my new company there.

The whole process was quite simple and pain-free. I knew what I was looking for, I put this in so many words to the recruitment agency and I got what I wanted. It really was that simple! 

I had two PR jobs in Newcastle to offer. I was looking for a PR Account Manager as well as a Web Developer. The recruitment agency only sent candidates after they’d been interviewed and was the closest to the specifications I was looking for. I only interviewed 5 people in total and filled out the two positions straight away.

After hearing so many horror stories with new staff and the difficulty faced by many in having to recruit fresh blood, I was pleasantly surprised that my first time experience was so seamless.


I have since recruited for more creative job positions within my company, all from the same trusted agency. I have to date had a growing number of employees join me as my small company has grown to a mid-level agency, vying for a spot in the big pool. One thing is for sure, I couldn’t have done it on my own. Don’t settle for second best when it comes to recruitment. Get out there and get some help from a professional recruitment agency in your local area. It might be the making of your business.

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Tommy Smith – Liverpool FC Legend

Tommy Smith was born in Liverpool in 1945 and had a reputation as a real ‘hard man’ a defender who determined, powerful and who’s raw aggression in the tackle quickly earned him a reputation, but he could also play as well, making over 600 appearances for the club he supported as a boy. He was a key player during the 1960’s and 70’s as Liverpool rose from second division mediocrity to dominate the English game.

Smith joined Liverpool as an apprentice in 1960 at the age of fifteen and he was soon playing in the reserve team, his determination in the reserves saw him make his debut for the first team during the 1962-63 season in a 5-1 victory over Birmingham, but it wasn’t until 1965 that Smith began to play regularly, and during this season that he was instrumental in Liverpool’s FA Cup winning team that beat Leeds United.

By the 1965-66 season Smith had cemented his place in the first team as Liverpool went onto win the league title, which would be the first of his four titles with the Reds. Despite his reputation as a hard man, Smith was only ever sent off once during a match and that was for swearing at the referee and not for one of his infamous tackles.

After a period of re-building under manager Bill Shankly in 1970 which saw numerous new players arrive at Anfield, Smith was given the Liverpool captaincy and despite losing the FA Cup final to Arsenal in 1971, success wasn’t far away, and in the 1972-73 season he became the first Liverpool captain to lift a European trophy as they won the UEFA Cup as well as regaining the League title.

Six months later however, following a disagreement with manager Bill Shankly, Smith was stripped of the Liverpool captaincy and dropped from the team, to make matters worse, arch rival Emlyn Hughes was installed as the new club captain. After the differences were settled, and despite rumours that he wanted a transfer away from the club, Smith regained his place in the team, now playing at full back, rather than his favoured central defensive position.

He went onto to win the 1974 FA Cup final against Newcastle, and two more League titles in 1976 and 1977, which was probably Liverpool’s most memorable season. After winning the League title, Liverpool looked set to achieve an unprecedented ‘treble’ but narrowly missed out after losing the FA Cup final 2-1 to Manchester United.

Just days after losing the FA Cup final, came a unforgettable night in Rome as Liverpool faced German side Borussia Monchengladbach in the European cup final, an injury to Phil Thompson meant that Smith started the game and he scored the second goal in the 3-1 victory, that saw Liverpool win their first European cup.

One final season at Anfield saw Tommy Smith bring down the curtain on his Liverpool career in 1978, after 638 appearances and 48 goals for the club, nick-named the Anfield-Iron, after his hard man reputation, he will never be forgotten.

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Premier League Preview: Arsenal Vs Stoke

Premier League match time arrives at the Emirates as Arsenal get set to host Stoke on Wednesday, February 23, in a first leg game that was originally scheduled in December, and got postponed owing to snow.

Arsenal are coming off a 2-0 home win against Wolves, in match week 27. Van Persie scoed a brace for the Gunners who went ahead 1-0 on 16 minutes, when the Dutchman volleyed one into the Wolves net. In match week 26, Wenger’s men had squandered a 4-0 lead away at Sunderland, but this time around, they ensured that there was no repetition. Wolves never looked threatening and after Van Persie got his second goal 11 minutes after the break, the score stood at 2-0, the final result. It was a tale of missed opportunities for the Emirates squad;. Van Persie himself missed a second soon after his first strike. Arshavin also had only the goalkeeper to beat, off a Van Persie corner, in another missed scoring opportunity. Fabregas was a third player to rue a missed chance on a day, when a 6-0 score might not have been unwarranted.

In match week 27, Stoke lost 1-0 away at Birmingham. The game appeared heading for a listless stalemate, when 3 minutes into injury time Zigic latched on to a cross from Jerome and headed the ball home for Birmingham. Birmingham had the better proportion of possession and would have felt relieved to bank full points against an obdurate Stoke. In a brief spell of domination, Stoke got a sniff at the Birmingham goal when John Carew got a shot in, only to see it blocked. Pennant had a free-kick, after being brought down by a rough tackle by Larsson; the shot beat everyone but missed the post by a couple of feet. Stoke were fortunate not have a penalty awarded against them when a Bentley drive was blocked by Huth using his hand for the purpose. In the end., the result was a fair reflection of the strengths of the respective teams in the game.

Head to head, Arsenal have established a 3-1 lead over Stoke in 4 league games between the sides.

Of their last 10 league games, Arsenal have won 6, drawn 3 and lost 1; Stoke have won 4 and lost the remaining 6 of their last 10. In 13 home games, this season, Arsena have registered 9 wins, one draw and 3 losses, while Stoke have won 3 of 13 away agames, drawing one and losing the remaining 9.

On current form, Stoke will need a large slice of luck to be able to prevent Arsenal from banking full points from the game.

Arsenal had the following men in their startng eleven against Wolves: Szczesny, Sagna, Djourou, Koscielny, Clichy, Song, Fabregas, Wilshere, Walcott, van Persie and Arshavin. Denilson, Bendtner and Chamakh featured as substitutes.

Stoke’s starting eleven against Birmingham comprised:Begovic, Delap, Huth, Shawcross, Pugh, Pennant, Whitehead, Wilson, Walters, Jones and Carew. Whelan and Fuller were used as substitutes.

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