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Try This and Cancel Your Back Surgery!

The prospect of having to under go back surgery is scary. With all the associated risks, days, weeks and even months of recovery and hours spent in physical therapy can cause most people to put off or avoid surgery. Since my surgery I am comstantly running into people who have back problems. Of course this is not surprising when you know that most adults will suffer a bad back at sometime in their adult life.

Recently a client of mind told me how he has suffered with back problems for years, but has refused to go under the knife because of the risks and the fact that for many people surgery does not cure their pain. As he said he would rather put up with some pain and discomfort then end up in a worst situation after surgery. There is however an alternative that can eliminate the need for surgery altogether. The alternative is inversion therapy using an inversion table. In a survey by Newcastle University they found that 70.5% of back pain sufferers were able to cancel their surgery after using inversion therapy.

Inversion therapy works because in relieves the pressure on the nerves caused by a buldging disc. It’s like you reverse gravity, taking the body weight and pressure off your spine. Most doctors are too busy treating the symptoms of back pain with treatments like anti-inflammatory medications, electrical stimulation, ultrasound and cortisone injections, and they simply ignore what is one of the biggest factors contributing to back pain. This contributing factor is spinal compression – which can ONLY be addressed through inversion therapy.

The survey by the Neuroscience Department at Newcastle University clearly shows that for a majority of back pain sufferers inversion therapy can lessen their pain to the point that surgery can be avoided. Instead of having to face surgery, possible complications, recovery and physical therapy inversion therapy could be the answer at a cost far below the medical costs associated with an operation.

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Chelsea Set to Dominate European Football

There is a new heavyweight force in European football, they are being bankrolled seemingly by the Russian economy, they mean business, and their name is Chelsea F.C. Chelsea Football Club have always been a decent club in the second strata of English clubs. In London alone Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur have invariably been ahead of the Chelsea Blues, even West Ham have often put Chelsea in the shade. But no longer, for in the season 2004-2005, Chelsea won the English Premier League title for the first time in fifty years, their only previous winning season.

But they haven’t stopped there, in the new season 2005-2006 they are already well clear in the title race leaving all their rivals gasping, and now they have set their sights on the pinnacle of all the club trophys, the European Champions League. Chelsea have never won the Champions League, indeed no London club ever has. And it is clear that their charismatic manager Jose Mourinho is intent on winning the Champions League again, he did so with his previous club Porto, of Portugal.

So what of the traditional English giants? Manchester United, often described as the world’s richest football club, have fallen into the hands of the Glazer family of Tampa Bay fame, but they reportedly needed to borrow half a billion pounds to buy United, a debt the club now shoulders. Spending on new players has so far been thin on the ground and United’s brusque Glaswegian manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, has admitted that United, for so long England’s most successful club, cannot compete with Chelsea when it comes to buying players. The hordes of United fans are not amused, the natives are growing restless.

Arsenal, London’s biggest and most successful club, lost their skipper and driving force Patrick Vieira last summer, he moved to Juventus in Italy for £12 million pounds and with their star striker Thierry Henry suffering fitness problems, they picked up some uncharacteristic defeats at unfashionable clubs like West Bromwich Albion and Middlesbrough. This is their last season at their famous old Highbury Stadium before they move to their new purpose built Emirates stadium almost next door. The increased capacity of 60,000 will undoubtedly give their French manager Arsene Wenger more money to spend next year, but of course they have to pay for that new ground too. Far from challenging Chelsea again, it would seem that Arsenal are more likely to fall further behind.

That leaves Liverpool and Newcastle. News comes through just today that the American Kraft Company and family are interested in investing in Liverpool F.C., perhaps even buying the club outright just like Manchester United fifty miles up the road, but that is some way down the line. And they too are seeking to build a brand new stadium on Stanley Park and of course that all costs big money. Despite last year’s freakish win in the Champion’s League, Liverpool’s league form this season has again been patchy, and that included a 4-1 walloping by Chelsea on their own Anfield pitch. The idea that Liverpool might challenge Chelsea for the title remains a far-fetched one. Newcastle, England’s second best supported club are gradually improving, and they have signed England’s centre forward Michael Owen, but they still remain unconvincing at the top level. They haven’t won the title since Noah was seen building his ark, or so it seems, and they aren’t going to do so this season either.

So though it is very popular for foreign investors to snap up the leading English (and Scottish) football clubs, it appears that only Roman Abramovich at Chelsea has the financial muscle to buy the best players around. He is the only one to put unlimited funds on the table. Top class players now command a transfer fee of £40 million each and whereas Manchester United might afford one of them a season, Chelsea’s purse seems bottomless. They have already spent £220+ million and are still in the market to buy again when the transfer window re-opens in January.

They have already achieved success by winning at home, now the European Champion’s League is the Holy Grail for them, a trophy they are now the outright favourites to win with the odds layers. And astonishingly they have achieved their success to date with an array of strikers who haven’t really cut the mustard. Mutu the Romanian, was promptly sacked for drug taking, Crespo the Argentinian, was sent out to Milan on loan last season, and though he is back now he is hardly setting the world afire,or even playing that often, Gudjohnson an Icelander, plays more often than not, the muscular Drogba from the Ivory Coast, seems to have finally claimed the number nine shirt as his own, yet many blues followers still remain unconvinced about him, so it would seem likely that Chelsea may yet be looking for another proven goal scorer come January, especially after a recent rare defeat at Manchester United.

It would take a brave man to back against Chelsea in any competition at the moment. But if you’d like to, you can still have a free $30 dollar bet at by entering the code 6CHE3VPWJ when prompted. But one thing is for sure; no one would be surprised if this time next year the Premier League trophy AND the Champions League trophy were both on display in the Chelsea boardroom. It seems that only the Italian giants Milan and Juventus, and the Spanish top two, Real Madrid, and most especially Barcelona with their Brazilian superstar, surely soon to be the world player of the year, Ronaldinho, might stop the London blues. It really does seem as if we have entered a new era in European and world football, or if you prefer the ridiculous name that no one ever uses, Soccer. Chelsea fans have never had it so good while everyone else is left gasping in their wake, for it is a fact that Chelsea Football Club have raised the bar for everyone else to follow. Time will tell if anyone can.

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Can Chelsea Win the British Premier League This Year?

Chelsea are quite rightly considered one of the strongest teams in the British Premier League, Europe and the world. They have a squad that would be the envy of almost any club except maybe Real Madrid. They have a squad that is full of international players and could arguably field two teams of internationals except for the goal-keeping position where they have Ross Turnbill and Hilario as back up. They have Frank Lampard, Michael Essien, Mikel, Deco just to name a few of their plethora of international midfielders.

With a squad like this to choose from you can see why many football pundits are tipping them to win the British Premier League. If you see the odds that the bookmakers are putting up for Chelsea you can see that they too believe Chelsea are true title contenders and we know that the bookies are very rarely ever wrong.

There only contenders to Chelsea are the other three of the «Big Four» of the British Premier League who are Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United. Manchester United are the title holders from last year and have a great squad, The biggest question is whether they can overcome the loss of Ronaldo who is arguably the best player in the world and was also the top scorer for Manchester United for the last two years. Then there is Arsenal who play irresistible football going forward but still have questions about their defense after losing Kolo Toure to Manchester City. Chelsea have a great chance to win the British Premier League this year and will be in the race till the very end.

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Gibraltar – The Last Bastion of Empire

Whatever you may think of Gibraltar itself, nobody can deny that it is a fascinating place due to its history, geography, culture and unique status within the EC. The passengers on cruise liners calling at Gib have less than a day to explore The Rock. Most make it no further than Main Street. To fully appreciate Gib can take many days, weeks and some make it a life’s work. I hope this short offering, that takes you to places not often visited by tourists, will encourage more people to open their eyes to what Gib has to offer.

There is only one road into Gibraltar from the border. Whether you opt to drive or walk, after going through customs (don’t forget your passport), you will go over the airfield runway. The original runway was built during the second world war and has been extended a number of times since. It is still in use as an RAF base, host to naval aircraft and for civilian flights. From here you can appreciate the Rock itself, a massive, almost sheer, limestone buttress. The caves you see, used as defensive gun positions, are the ends of the miles of tunnels excavated since the British gained Gibraltar in 1713. An entire city is hidden within the rock.

The town is entered through one of the gates through the massive walls built during the 18th and 19th Centuries. In those times the sea came right up to the walls, all the land outside the walls has been reclaimed over two centuries.

Walk up Main Street to the square just before Marks and Spencers and take the small alley at the top right hand side of the square that leads to the Gibraltar Museum. For £2 from 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 10am to 2pm on Saturdays you can discover the fauna, flora, history, geography and, through an excellent film, the geology, of Gibraltar. The museum itself appears small from the outside but is a rabbit warren of small rooms within. There is so much packed in that one visit is never enough.

From the museum return to Main Street and turn right. Walk up the street and you will soon see Governors House on the right. On occasional Saturdays at noon the changing of the guard ceremony takes place here with all the pomp and ceremony the Brits are renowned for. This ceremony used to take place every Saturday but security measures in 2005 were introduced and the dates of the ceremony are not announced so it’s a case of being lucky.

One smaller ceremony that does happen at noon every Saturday starts at Casemates Square at the lower end of Main Street. Nine volunteers in 18th Century Infantry uniforms, to the sound of fife and drum, march up Main Street turn around and march back again for a well earned pint. The statement they are making is pretty obvious. Notice the smallest volunteer, well into his sixties, only as tall as his musket and with a grin from ear to ear.

Continue up Main Street and through the Cemetery Gates following the signs for the Alameda Gardens. The Alameda Gardens were opened in 1816 at the instigation of Lieutenant-Governor George Don who wished to provide a scenic walk for residents and visitors to Gibraltar «where the inhabitants might enjoy the air protected from the extreme heat of the sun». They have been developed and expanded ever since and provide a small tranquil sanctuary in the centre of this bustling town. The Alameda is now the home of the Gibraltar Botanical Gardens with displays of native foreign plants that grow in a Mediterranean environment. Many native and rare insects, reptiles, butterflies and birds have taken up residence. Sad that I am I try to go there once every couple of months so as not to miss anything in its season.

By the time you leave the Alameda you will be ready for a coffee. I have a theory there is a competition in Gib for serving the worst coffee on the planet – Morrisons are winning so far. The Piccadilly Garden Bar is on your left as you leave the gardens car park. Not only is it good coffee they are also known for their excellent, home made, churros and papitos. Churros are the round dough confections eaten with sugar and hot chocolate, the papitos are similar but straight. A sweet way to end the visit.

In July it was too hot for the «Top of the Rock» but now, as we move into autumn, another aspect of Gibraltar can be explored in comfort.

For this day out we took the car into Gibraltar rather than use the official taxis to tour the Rock. Our main reason was that the guided tours tend to be rushed and, as Julie will tell you, I like to read every plaque and explore every cranny. Having got onto the Rock follow the signs for the ‘Upper Rock’. Just past the Rock Hotel and Casino do not miss the left turn that takes you to the pay booth.

The car costs £1 and each person in it costs £7. Those prices include entrance to St. Michaels Cave, the Apes Den, the Great Seige Tunnels, the Moorish Castle and the 100 Ton Gun. If you do read every plaque it is a very full day.

From the pay booth, immediately ahead is the Pillar of Hercules monument and from there you can see, on a clear day, the Pillar in North Africa on Jebel Musa just west of Ceuta. The pillars feature in Greek mythology with all sorts of dire warnings designed to dissuade adventurous traders from going further west, thus protecting their trade routes. Beyond the pillars a mariner had to face turbulent seas, sea monsters, rapacious sirens, and, if he were really unlucky, he would sail off the edge of the world.

The next stop on the tour is St. Michael’s Cave. Car parking is some way away up a steep hill so drop your passengers off and then park up, don’t forget your entrance tickets. The cave is a natural series of passages and caverns worn out of the soluble limestone rock by the action of water.

There are some good examples of stalagmites, stalactites and calcite curtains. The largest cavern has been converted into an auditorium and must make a stunning setting for the Son et Lumiere shows. Unlike other caves on the Rock, there is no evidence that St. Michael’s was ever occupied by prehistoric man despite the prominent cabinet containing a replica of the Neanderthal skull found at Forbes Quarry.

Having retrieved the car take the road to the Apes Den. This is an area where the Barbary Macaques (Macaca Silvanus) are fed. One tale, told by the guides, says they were imported into Gibraltar by one of the Moorish rulers to remind him of home. A more likely story is that they were imported by the Brits in the early 18thC since the first written record of them dates back to 1740. The legend goes that if the apes leave Gibraltar then so will the British. There seems little danger of either occurrence. Keep your car windows shut.

These rascals are so used to humans that they swarm over your vehicle and, without the benefit of screw drivers, will relieve you of aerials and windscreen wipers. The local guides carry a stick for obvious reasons. Although you are not encouraged to feed the apes a blind eye is turned. They seem to appreciate dry pasta. Remove wrist watches, necklaces, rings and chains or the apes may remove them for you. It’s good fun really.

Making sure you have no unwanted passenger within or on your car, carry on to the Great Siege Tunnels. The tunnels you visit are only a very small part of the 60 kilometres of tunnels that honeycomb the Rock. They were excavated during the Great Siege of Gibraltar, the Peninsular War and the Second World War. The Rock shelters a whole town complete with communications rooms, store rooms, magazines and so on.

The part open to visitors concentrates on the siege period and contains some good exhibits including the famous downward depressing gun. A certain Sergeant Major Ince was the man responsible for the idea of siege tunnels and as a reward was given a plot of land on the Rock which is still known as Ince’s Farm. The gun ports give fabulous views over the airport and La Linea. During the Great Siege, 1779 – 1783 over 200,000 cannon balls were fired from these embrasures. Mind you the Spanish retrieved quite a few and fired them back.

The Moorish Castle is next. This small fortress commands the only land connection with Spain and dates back to the 11th Century. From the flag pole on the roof flies the Union Flag, just as a reminder you understand. The castle has undergone (2006) a long overdue renovation, the previous one was in 1333. Inside there are some lovely examples of Moorish wall and ceiling decorations. A couple of years ago some Spanish students infiltrated the castle and hoisted the Spanish National Flag. They found the Gibraltarians have no sense of humour.

Leaving the Rock follow the signs for the 100 ton gun which is situated just south of the docks. The gun was manufactured by Sir W C Armstrong at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in 1870 and was one of twelve. Eight were built for the Italian Navy, two were sent to Malta, and two to Gibraltar.

The 17.72 inch Rifled Muzzle loader has a barrel length of 32.65ft, of which 30.25ft are rifled and was capable of firing a 2000lb shell up to 8 miles. Hydraulic power generated by a steam engine was used to elevate and traverse the Gun. It took a minimum of 3 hours to develop the necessary head of steam to operate the mounting though this was quite acceptable since it took a Man O’War at least 3 hours to enter the bay of Gibraltar after being sited off the point of Tarifa in Spain.

It is said that during a visit of the Inspector-General of Artillery in 1902 the Gun was prepared to fire 5 rounds at full charge. On the first order to fire, the tube fired but that was all. After further attempts still nothing happened so the misfire drill was carried out but to no avail. At the end of the stipulated 30 minutes wait, the General asked for a volunteer to go down the bore and fasten the shell extractor to the projectile so that the Gun could be unloaded. After a long pause for consideration a small thin soldier stepped forward and volunteered for the task. Stripped to the waist, a rope round him and the extractor ready, he was himself ‘loaded’ into the Gun. A few moments later, to everyone’s relief, he was hauled back safely, having completed his task.

The gunner’s reward, though not princely, was immediate, as it is said that he was promoted to the rank of Bombardier that same day.

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Some Nerve: Which Championship Sides Will Prevail, After a Season of Reluctant Front Runners?

With only five football matches left of the regular 2014-15 Championship season in England, the identity of its winners and runners-up remain anyone’s guess.

This is in stark contrast to last year, which almost resembled a season-long victory parade for Leicester, who won the title with an impressive 102 points. Burnley cantered home behind them, a comfortable eight points superior to nearest challengers Derby. Only the battle for the sixth and final play-off place provoked any cause for excitement, as Brighton pipped Reading on the last day with a late winner at Nottingham Forest.

This time around, an awesome octet of teams each have a mathematical chance of nailing an automatic promotion place, from current leaders Bournemouth (77 points) all the way down to eighth-placed Ipswich (68). While the triumphant two are most likely to come from the current top four, who have opened a four-point gap down to stuttering Derby in fifth, the diffident conduct of table-toppers throughout the season illustrates that no team is more vulnerable than when they’re out in front.

Indeed, leadership of the division has changed hands an incredible twenty times; of the current top six, only sixth-placed Wolves have failed to sit atop the table at any stage. Add long-forgotten early season pacesetters Nottingham Forest, who twice held top spot, for a total of 38 days, and one would be forgiven for picturing the Championship trophy covered in butter, so difficult has it proved to hold on to pole position.

Yet Bournemouth will be hoping to do just that as they enter the home straight, having found their way to the top seven times, subsequently falling from their perch on no less than six. Their domination from mid-December until early February will prove to be the longest of any team’s lofty residence this season, totalling 59 days of their top-of-the-table tally, which has now hit three digits. Derby have amassed the second highest total, with 56 days of leadership divided over three spells. However, a recent seven game winless streak seems to have put paid to their hopes of ensnaring a top two position. While dyed-in-the-(Rams)-wool believers will still hope to claw back a five-point deficit to second place (76 points), realistically Steve McClaren’s team will be aiming to tie down a play-off spot, amidst fierce competition from the three teams around them: in-form Wolves (71 points); dangerous Brentford (70), and resilient Ipswich. (Whether fans can bear the possibility of the same heartache they experienced in last year’s Wembley final, remains to be seen.)

Norwich led the pack twice early in the season, until a prolonged spell of unremarkable form saw a change of manager, leading to an astonishing resurgence under the incoming Alex Neil, a relatively inexperienced (and unusually youthful) option to manage a club with such high expectations. What Neil lacks in management hours, however, he arguably makes up for in success, having taken his Hamilton side back to the top flight in Scotland last year, and then briefly to the summit in their first season there. Having found their way to second place after a run of ten wins in thirteen games, their relatively straightforward remaining fixtures may help to ensure that the Canaries return to the Premier League at the first time of asking.

Completing the top four are Watford (76 points) and Middlesbrough (75), who met on Easter Monday in a match that saw the latter defeated 0-2 and simultaneously deposed from first position. Indeed, these two teams, of all contestants, have proved to have the shakiest grasp on top spot, having both held it on four occasions, without ever managing to settle in and get comfortable. Middlesbrough’s tally of days at the top numbers only thirteen; Watford’s still fewer – just ten.

So, with only five match days remaining, what further drama might we expect? And who will emerge triumphant? It is certainly difficult to see beyond Bournemouth’s scintillating and successful brand of football – provided they continue to «play the game, not the occasion» and do not experience the kind of jitters one might forgive from a team who find themselves on the verge of gracing the top flight for the first time in their history. Their recent revival against Birmingham, in which they overturned a troubling two-goal deficit to prevail with consummate ease, suggests they may finally be ready to take the bull by the horns. Mirroring Norwich, the Cherries have an eminently winnable set of fixtures for the run-in, placing their destiny very much in their own hands.

Wolverhampton’s late season charge (four straight wins at this moment in time) may convince many that they are ready to storm the play-offs – providing they are not overhauled by another astonishing push from Brentford, this year’s surprise package. Despite the enduring class of Bakary Sako, and the goal impetus provided by new year signing Benik Afobe, perhaps Wolves still lack the all-round quality that would surely be needed to oust a Middlesbrough or a Derby over two legs; indeed, most would agree that the guile and experience of both sides is likely to stand them in good stead when the playing field is levelled and four teams begin anew in pursuit of that final promotion spot. Do not rule out Watford, however, whose three-pronged strikeforce has proved on many an occasion just as deadly as their defence has seemed suspect.

This pundit’s tip?

Bournemouth and Norwich, with Derby to make up for last year’s Wembley woes second time around.

May the best teams win!

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Electrical Services and Their Know-How

Electrician services are sought after all over the world. They exist in large numbers but with certain small differences. Electrical power is one of the most essential things for any country. When the United States was faced with political issues, trained electricians were brought in from all the branches of the military. Independent contractors sent over complete electrical departments. This place is thus, highly popular for employing electricians for military purposes.

Every country has a need for electrician services. The features as well as the circumstances of the area are essential in determining the services. In places having a cold, as well as frigid, climate with strong winds, the electrical wiring must be done underground. That region must put in a great deal of effort to maintain that wiring. For places experiencing intense heat or in the desert like areas, one must take care of the wiring regularly. In places like Newcastle and Southampton, you can get electronic equipment that deal with earthquakes. Most electrician services consist of re-wiring old buildings.

There are plenty of skilled electricians who are available for doing all kinds of electrical work. The services provided by the electrician may be industrial, residential or commercial. When dealing with the industrial market, one must hire a company specializing in industrial electrical services. One common industrial electrical service is distribution ad well as transmission. Underground power transmission is extremely common for applications in industries. Another common occurrence for industrial sites is Overhead distribution. It is highly essential to keep this kind of power supply safe. One must also make it out of the workers’ reach.

Many of the manufacturing plants seek help from professional services for electricians in industries. Almost all of the electrical equipment that is present in a manufacturing plant is designed in such a way that they can be enclosed for keeping the workers safe. This also makes sure that the electrical equipment is not to be tampered. Custom enclosures are popular for industrial electricians. Power has to be provided at all times; hence a great deal of effort must be put in powering the huge machinery. Making the plant energy efficient is very important.

Solar power is an energy that can be installed as well as used in various kinds of industrial situations. It is essential to see that solar power aids as the main power of the building. Certain specific units can run simply on solar power. Wind energy can also be used for providing power to the industries. For this purpose, huge windmills should be installed from which electricity can be generated. Transmission lines, underground distribution, as well as substations, can be used for the purpose.

Industrial services for electricity are highly complex. They can also be very dangerous at times if you do not consult a professional technician. High levels of planning are required during installation. Using alternate sources of energy, as well as, that of electricity not only make it much more efficient but also very safe.

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Remember When You Heard That Jose Mourinho Had Parted Company With Chelsea

It was with great shock that I received the sudden departure of «the special one» from Chelsea Football club, this morning.

I had predicted that he would not last the season when I was previewing the premiership but it still came as a surprise.

The reason I thought he would go was football related because I could not for the life of me think, why Chelsea ever thought they were even remotely close to Manchester United last season but chose not to make significant signings this season.

I was flabbergasted that they only brought in Claudio Pizarro, Steve Sidwell on a free and Tal Ben-Haim. None of those players in my humble opinion is likely to add anything really significant to a championship chasing side. They even managed to lose Arjen Robben in the process to make them worse.

I have never been a fan of the way Chelsea played under Mourinho with the emphasis on Drogba muscling his way round defenders and Lampard coming in from deep. Mourinho may have further irritated with his constant harpings that after a while, became tedious.

But there is no escaping the fact, that he was the finest tactician in the premiership by a long way and possibly in the world. Some myopic people would argue that he was successful because of Abramovich’s money. Having money does help but does not get you success, as Real Madrid and Inter Milan would testify to.

Barcelona won the champions league and the La Liga title 2 seasons ago and deemed it fit to spend money on Gianluca Zambrotta, Lilian Thuram and Eidur Gudjohnssen to make them even stronger but they did not win anything last season.

Newcastle have spent money over the years and they just have 2 FA cup final appearances to show for it. Mourinho, in just 3 seasons, had won the premiership twice, Coca cola cup twice and the FA cup. His Chelsea side has gone from being soft away from home to be the most feared ruthless machine in premiership history and are unbeaten at home in 64 matches, which is an English record.

He has reached the Champions league semi final twice only to be defeated by Liverpool through a controversial goal and on penalties that everyone knows is a lottery. What some of his critics fail to understand is that a lot of his buys are vastly overpriced like £12 on Paolo Ferreira for instance.

Again it is not like Chelsea are the only ones that spend big, Manchester United have spent £30m twice on Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand, £18 on Michael Carrick and £17 on Owen Hargreaves. You have to be rich to spend those sums on players that are nowhere worth that kind of money.

As a matter of fact the only manager that has not spent big to gain success is Arsene Wenger and that is mainly because he does not have that much money to spend and when he does splash out, it tends to be a waste like £8m on Francis Jeffers!

It does not matter how much money you spend but whether you spend the money wisely.

Not necessarily getting the best players and the most skilful but also getting players that would gel with one another, players that are ready to do battle for you and you should be able to create an atmosphere that is to most of the players’ liking.

I think Mourinho did that to great effect at Chelsea. My only big problem with him was his favouritism of some players over the others.

I do not subscribe to treating people differently and I did not like the way he was always putting the likes of Lampard, Terry, Cech, Essien and especially Drogba over the others.

His treatment of Shevchenko was extremely shabby as he should have shown Shevchenko more respect and understanding instead on continually undermining a great player. But Chelsea, in my opinion have committed an almighty blunder and only time will tell how big a blunder it was to get rid of the most successful manager in their history. The winners are Rafa Benitez and Arsene Wenger because they now know that instead of 2 teams standing in their way, it is now just Manchester United, as I don’t really see Chelsea mounting a serious challenge with their current crop of players.

On a side note, a lot of women would be very upset that they would not be getting their regular dose of oogling Mourinho. I have never come across any other manager with his effect on the ladies.

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English Premier League 2011-12: Latest Club Gossip and News

Here’s all the latest gossip and news about the Premier League, ahead of the new season due to begin on August 13:

Arsenal: Arsenal midfielder Mark Randall has joined Chesterfield on a one-year contract that will expire in June 2012. Randall, an Arsenal academy product, who has played in recent years on loan to clubs such as Burnley, MK Dons and Rotherham.

Aston Villa: Ashley Young has been signed by Manchester United, who acquired the Villa winger on a five-year contract, for a reported sum of 17 million pounds.

Blackburn: Striker Benjani is expected to stay on with the club after being given a new deal.

Bolton: The Wanderers are due to lose defender Gary Cahill, who could join Liverpool, Arsenal or Manchester City once his contract expires, this summer.

Chelsea: Villas-Boas has taken over as the new Chelsea boss after the exit of Carlo Ancelotti. Thirty-three year old Villas-Boas who managed Portuguese club Porto, last summer, won four trophies in his debut managerial season. Chelsea paid 13.3 million pounds to secure his release from Porto.

Everton: Defender captain Phil Neville is unlikely to retire for two more years, taking the advice of Toffees boss David Moyes who talked Neville out of contemplating retirement after he picked up a foot injury last season.

Fulham: Dutchman Martin Jol has taken over as Fulham’s manager following Mark Hughes’ resignation. The 55-year old Jol is no stranger to Fulham, a team he managed between 2004 and 2007, when he let them to successive fifth place finishes in the Premiership.

Liverpool: Manager Kenny Dalglish is not happy about the start date of the new Premiership season. The new season is due to begin on August 13, within 72 hours of the completion of a round of friendly internationals, in which several league players are likely to be involved. The start date would leave players with little time to travel back to play in the league, according to Dalglish.

Manchester City: City defender Shaleum Logan has been signed to play for Brentford. Logan featured in three matches for City, last season after having spent the previous season on loan at Tranmere.

Newcastle: Scottish Premier League club Celtic were rebuffed after their 1.5 million pound deal for Fraser Foster was rejected by Newcastle. Foster played for the Scottish club on loan last season.

Norwich City: Manchester United defender Ritchie de Laet will spend the next year on loan with Norwich.

QPR: Keeper Radek Cerny is due to stay on with the newcomers to the Premiership after signing a one-year extension contract.

Stoke: Manager Tony Pulis expects an expensive summer with transfer fees likely to go up, across the League.

Sunderland: Birmingham winger Sebastian Larsson and Coventry keeper Keiren Westwood are set to join Steve Bruce’s squad on July 1.

Swansea City: Swansea are set to lose goalkeeper de Vries to Wolverhampton Wanderers, on a free transfer.

Tottenham: Spurs have lost in their bid for a judicial review of the Olympic stadium decision. Along with Lleyton Orient, Tottenham contested the decision to hand the stadium to West Ham and Newham Council, as its future occupants.

West Brom: Albion are set to lose keeper Carson who is likely to join Turkish club Busaspor.

Wigan: manager Roberto Martinez has chosen to stay on at Wigan after spurning an offer from Aston Villa.

Wolves: Tottenham’s O’Hara has signed a 5-year contract with Wolves, who reportedly paid a transfer fee of 5 million pounds for the mid-fielder.

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Arsenal FC: How Did It All Start?

Arsenal FC also known as ‘The Gunners’ is one of the most popular football club in England and in the World. With 13 Premier League title, 10 FA cups and an outstand record for being unbeaten for an entire season.

Arsenal Football Club was founded in 1886 in North London by the workers of the Woolwich arsenal, hence its name. The club got is current name in 1897. After a few financial difficulties at the beginning of the 20th century, Arsenal won its first premier league title in 1923, followed by a FA Cup final in 1930.

Arsenal’s most famous manager Arsene Wenger, was appointed in 1996. He brought new strategies, training methods as well as new players from overseas. Over the years, Wenger, who hold an economics degree and is fluent in 5 languages, has really given the dimension Arsenal has today. He lead the team to a League and Cup double in 1997-1998 and another Premier League title in 2001-2002. His major achievement was the Premier League title in 2003-2004, which was acquired without losing a single game. This record has still to be beaten.

Arsene Wenger has not only been a talented coach, but he has also helped the club to achieve financial profitability. Wenger is really good at spotting young talent, training them and selling them for a profit.

Arsenal is also famous for its Emirates Stadium. Since 2006, Arsenal FC has moved from Highbury, which had size restrictions to Ashburton Grove renamed Emirates Stadium. The move has offered huge opportunities to generate revenues from the audience, with a capacity of 60,355 seats.

Arsenal FC would have been nothing without its talented players. Thierry Henry is still the club’s top goal scorer with 226 goals in all competitions. The team has also had Ian Wright, Cliff Bastin, Robert Pires in its squad.

In 2011, Arsenal is currently 3rd in the Premier League at 2 points from Chelsea, the current leader. They have recently lost against Tottenham in the derby. Arsenal is also playing the Champions League and is top of its group. In 2011, Arsene Wenger has announced the club needs to win something, so there is a bit of pressure on the players.

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Premier League Match Time: Arsenal Vs Manchester City

Premier League match time comes to the Emirates when Arsenal host Man City on Wednesday, January 5, 2011, in match week 22.

The two met earlier in the season when City hosted Gunners at the City of Manchester on October 24, 2010, with Wenger’s men emerging 3-0 winners in a hopelessly one-sided affair.

The game began cruelly for City as Boyata got sent off on five minutes after the Belgian teenage defender brought down Chamakh. Chamakh had cashed in on a pass from Fabregas, following a lapse in Boyata’s concentration.

And when 15 minutes later, Nasri gave Arsenal the lead, there was only going to be one winner, as 10-man City looked increasingly fatigued, burdened with the task of stopping a rampaging Arsenal forward line.

To his credit, Mancini tried out his whole bag of tricks to pull something out of the game. He started by taking Yaya Toure into the back-line, and later decided that he was needed more in midfield and brought Boateng into the core of the back-line, while Barry also retreated to left-back.

To Gunners’ credit they played a tactical game, tiring out Man City, even as they sought to add to the score. And their ploy paid off as Song, just after the hour, and Bendtner, with two minutes of regulation time to run, made City pay an exorbitant price for Boyata’s lapse.

Man City are currently in second place in the points table behind Man United. Arsenal are in third but have played one game fewer than City, and are two points adrift.

The Gunners have won 6 of 9 games hosted at the Emirates, while losing the remaining 3. Man City have had one of the best away records this season; Mancini’s charges have won 6 of 10 games on the road, while losing and drawing 2 games each.

Arsenal have had a dominant 15-3 record against Man City in the last 20 league meetings between the sides, with the remaining two games drawn. Incidentally, all of Man City’s 3 wins have come in the last four years.

With both sides having emerged as serious title contenders, this promises to be a thrilling encounter. While Arsenal have been very effective in attack, their back-line has been found wanting. Man City appear to be a more well-rounded side with the dependency on Tevez to score goals reduced in recent matches. The battle could be won in midfield, where a fit Fabregas could help compensation for Gunners’ porous defence.

The following men comprised Arsenal’s starting eleven against Wigan, in match week 20: Fabianski, Eboue, Squillaci, Koscielny, Sagna, Diaby, Rosicky, Denilson, Bendtner, Chamakh and Arshavin. Walcott, Nasri and Wilshere featured as substitutes.

Man City had the following players in their starting eleven against Aston Villa in match week 20: Hart, Richards, Kompany, Lescott, Zabaleta, Y Toure, De Jong, Vieira, Johnson, Balotelli and Silva. Milner, Jo and Bridge played as substitutes.

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